Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sailor Style: Nautical Prints

A history of sailor fashion wouldn't be complete without a rundown of themed novelty print fabrics. From amazing Art Deco stylised seamen to kitschy anchors and flags, here are the best nautical novelty prints ever ever.

Calico Printers Association, 1934 (V&A Archive)

Calico Printers Association, 1935 (V&A Archive)

Nautical dress fabric, 1930s (source)

Feedsack, c1930s

Nautical novelty print, c1930s (source)

Calico Printers Association, 1938 (V&A Archive)

Calico Printers Association, 1938 (V&A Archive)

Feedsack, 1930s (source)

Sears, 1939

Sears, 1939

LIFE magazine, 1940

Sears, 1940

Tootal, 1941 (V&A Archive)

Sears, 1942

Home Fashions no. 125, c1950

Nautical seersucker, c1950s (source)

1950s Sailboats (from Donna Flower - sold out)

Sears, 1955


Sears, 1958

Sears, 1959

Sears, 1960

Sailor Pelican fabric, c1960s (available on etsy)

Ahoy! by Decodoll on Spoonflower

Which is your favourite?


  1. These are gorgeous, love the material in the Sears advert and the dress x

  2. Oh I love the Sears fabric with the little sailor men!

  3. How divine! I think my favourite is the 1930's orange green and white feedsack with the sailboats on! xxx

  4. I'd quite happily have the lot!

  5. Oh that seersucker with the little yachts on it really tugged at my memory chain, I am sure that one such was around in the 1970's and I used it. All these fabrics are ridiculously jaunty and happy making aren't they!

  6. I'm loving this series!!! These fabrics are fantastic...I've had my eye on the spoonflower sailor print for awhile!!

  7. Love love love them alllllll.....I've got a 30s resort dress with brown and yellow life preservers and such on it. Love those ones from the 30s that aren't all red white and blue (those are always a favourite, too).

  8. I have really enjoyed your sailor-wear posts this week! My husband is a sailor and I LOVE nautical clothing and accessories, so it's been a real treat. I included your posts this week in my Week in Reflection post on my blog too.

  9. Lovely! I can't get enough of the nautical


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