Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ways to Wear... A Peasant Blouse

I feel that any vintage summer wardrobe ought not lack a peasant / gypsy blouse. I love them, and I now have four or five, both vintage and modern. They're easy to wear, flattering on all figure types, and perfect for creating a variety of vintage looks - don't think of them as restricted to 70s boho. If you can't find one vintage it's a great time to buy one new - thanks to this season's 70s trend they're widely available on the high street (last summer I really wanted one but couldn't find any!). They're also available in different fabrics and styles from Hungarian multicolour embroidered cotton to sophisticated satin to floral voile to dotted swiss.

Wear it... Vamp

Marilyn Monroe paired a yellow with black lace overlay peasant blouse with a sleek black skirt and fishnets in Bus Stop for a show-stopping sex kitten look. This is a look that works fabulously for evening or cocktail wear.

Wear it... Fresh Faced 40s

Match a peasant blouse with a carefree simple gathered skirt for a great everyday look that's both classically vintage and eminently wearable, perfect for summer.

Wear it... Pin-up

Channel the Elvgren pin-up with a peasant blouse worn to slip casually off one or both shoulders. Team with a full circle skirt and add stockings and peeptoe shoes for full-on pin-up style.

Wear it... 1930s Chic

McCall 87 ~ 1930s peasant blouse

Worn 1930s style with a slim skirt, a peasant blouse with embroidery and smocking makes excellent day wear for any season.

Wear it... Bohemian

And of course you can always take it 1970s boho - belted with a midi or maxi length skirt, or as a smock blouse over jeans (or flares, if you really want to work the 70s).


  1. Lovely, what a great post! I feel like I need to make a peasant blouse now!

  2. I used to think they were not for me but your outfits ideas are so inspiring!! I would have never thought they were so versatile!!

  3. I have just invested in a couple of tops like this from Primimark. Fab for me for work with a pencil skirt!

  4. Great post! I have always loved peasant blouses!!

  5. I agree- love a good pheasant top! They were my saviour when I was living in Indonesia!!

    (By the way, your word verification has just been very rude to me and called me fathed!! How mean is that????):-)

  6. Great post! I may have to get myself a peasant blouse now :)

  7. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I think I like the "pin up" way best ~ I just might have to try this out. : D

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  8. Peasant blouses are a favorite look of mine! I've been "faking it" for years with an antique nightgown that I wear as a blouse, but finally found a vaguely 40s-ish top at the thrift store last week. I keep dreaming of actually embroidering my own (a friend loaned me a 40s peasant blouse pattern, which I traced and still haven't gotten that far on... this was last spring too!), but for now am content to revel in the plethora that have shown up in the stores. I really love the 40s "girl next door" type of look you can put together with a peasant skirt and floral skirt--it's a summer standby look for me!

  9. Great post! I ought to try wearing a peasant blouse.


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