Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bon Voyage

Boden do a lot of great vintage-y novelty prints, some of which may even be repros of original vintage prints. This one certainly looks like it. It features various modes of transport with people waving "bon voyage" flags - super cute! I've had loads of these skirts on my watch list, and they regularly go on ebay for upwards of £30 (which, though still a bargain compared to the price new, is more than I'd want to spend on a modern skirt), but I managed to snag one for about £17 - and in roughly my size, too. That is, it's big on the waist, but any smaller size would be too small on the hips. Any tips for taking in the waist on a skirt with a side zip? I'm thinking of maybe adding darts in the front, but I probably won't take the waistband off as I think it'll be a major fiddle to reattach it.

How do you plan your outfits? I usually start with one piece and let the rest of the outfit grow around it. I actually can't remember if this morning I started with the skirt or with the gloves. I know I wanted to wear gloves because I'd planned to wear gloves for my sister's wedding on Saturday, then completely forgot to put them on, so I wanted to make up for that in today's outfit. So I think I went into the wardrobe to find something I could wear with gloves, pulled out the skirt, and then went back to my glove case to choose a pair (I went with these to pick up the colour in the print). Next, I think, came the pink accessories, again to reference the colour in the print. Kitsch car earrings picked up the transport theme, and a faux pearl bracelet completed the look. I feel like I'm rambling a bit, but I'm including it just because the notion of how an outfit comes together really interests me - I'm intrigued to think how some of my favourite style bloggers assemble their looks so I thought you might like an insight into my train of thought (but do let me know if it's totally boring!).

Skirt, Boden via ebay; Knit blouse, ebay; Shoes, purchased in Thailand; Belt, charity shop; Vintage gloves, can't remember; Bracelet, Primark; Earrings, purchased in Thailand; 1950s feather hat, charity shop; Handbag, on permanent loan from my sister (who also took the pics).


  1. I love your style, it's very refreshing ^^

  2. Oh I love this outfit! This skirt is really really lovely, I never saw it before but I might have a look out for it on eBay!

    I am a bit like you, I tend to pick one thing and build my outfit around it. Usually

    The bracelet is really cute. I went to Primark last week-end and picked up loads of gorgeous accessories for £1. I really like the way you mix these with vintage items.


  3. I always have to take skirts in at the waist, if you are going to put darts in put them in the back!

  4. This skirt is really beautiful... i love vintage/ retro fabric...

  5. You look absolutely fantastic! Wauw!

  6. Reading about how your outfit came together was fun! :D I too can be a bit of an outfit geek and love to know what prompted an outfit. That skirt is such a lucky find too!

    Today I'm actually wearing something that was inspired by a Liberty of London scarf I recently thrifted. The colors and delicate floral pattern started it, and I just went from there! ;)

  7. Love the outfit especially that skirt. I trawled eBay but couldn't find one like it on there or on bodens website.

    Is your top vintage or modern? If its modern what shop is it from its sooo cute! x

  8. Emma, just keep a lookout on ebay - there have been three of these Bon Voyage skirts sold in the last couple of weeks, so I'm sure more will turn up soon. The top is modern, by Dorothy Perkins, but I don't know how many seasons old it is (I think I got it on ebay, either that or a charity shop).

    xx Charlotte

  9. Ohh How can you always look so fab!!! ;o))
    I would do the darts at the back of the skirt and alter the side seam having to take our the zipper but cutting the waistband at both sides.

  10. I love the top, its so hard to find vintage knitwear that good reproductions are a goldmine!

    I really liked learning about how you piece your outfits together. I think my best outfits come from wanting a feeling or looking like a character. picking a certain dress cause it makes me feel sweet or fatale! It's seriously geeky but there it is! Aimee xx

  11. Beautiful! Those earrings are really funky too!


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