Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gypsy Rose

I'd originally planned this outfit post to follow my Ways to Wear a Peasant Blouse post last week, but the weather deteriorated and the outfit didn't get worn... until now! The blouse features colourful smocking and hand embroidery, and fastens at the waist with snaps (the smocking isn't elastic). It has a great 30s look, though I think it's probably a 70s number as there's a twill tag inside with washing instructions.

I paired the peasant blouse with my red pencil skirt and patent shoes for a nontraditional way to wear it, and added gypsy touches with armfuls of bakelite and plastic bangles, and a pair of roses in my hair. You may have noticed I'm rather obsessed with my small (but gradually expanding) bakelite bangle collection - but really, is there any outfit that a stack of bakelite bangles doesn't go with?

Speaking of which, what are your thoughts on bangle-wearing: pile them all up on one wrist or distribute them evenly between the two?

Peasant blouse, out of a consignment of vintage I was selling for a friend; Early 90s high waist Pencil skirt, charity shop; Hair flowers, various; Bangles (all bakelite except the two light red ones), various; Shoes, Marks & Spencer.

Retro photo effects courtesy of Lo-Fi App


  1. Ohh that's very lovely!!
    Nice photo- editting aswell.

  2. Absolutely lovely outfit! I love the blouse. I have a couple of probably later ones myself that definitely look older depending on what they're paired with.

    And no to answer your question, I think an armful of Bakelite goes with just about anything. ;)


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