Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wedding Outfit Preview

I was so pleased with my aqua and coral outfit for Joanna's wedding on Saturday that I can't wait for the photographer's pictures to come back (I didn't get anyone to take a photo of me, so I'm just hoping he got a good one!) before I share a few of the details. In fact I liked it so much that I'm rather tempted to wear exactly the same thing all over again for Vintage at Southbank next weekend. Is that bad?

Besides my vintage 50s taffeta party dress (which was the best boot fair bargain ever - more on that in the official outfit post), I was particularly proud of the shoes. A week before the wedding I was going through my shoes trying to find a pair for the day, and I pulled these out of my stock room. They were among the 'blanks' I got from my shoe lady in Thailand. After playing around with various ideas for embellishment, I had the genius idea (at least I thought so) to add a pair of lovebirds brooches from Acorn & Will.

The shoes set the colour scheme for the rest of the outfit (and had the added bonus of co-ordinating nicely with the wedding colours). The coral coloured bangles cam from New Look, and I also wore antique coral earrings lent by mother.

At £26, the little beaded purse was actually the most expensive item (by quite a long way) in my whole ensemble. The one I'd ordered on ebay never arrived, so I had a mad dash around Lewes's antique malls to find a replacement.


  1. That all sounds beautiful. I am actually going through a coral stage in my clothes at the moment and wore a coral-coloured dress to my friend's wedding recently with a matching coral bag. I never used to like pink that much but this seems like the right shade to suit me.

    Looking forward to seeing a photo of the whole ensemble.

  2. I just love your shoes! Coral is an awesome color! Can't wait to see the whole outfit together!

  3. I know I already said this on your Flickr, but I am in love with the addition of the lovebirds on the shoes! Such a cute idea (that I may have to swipe if you don't mind...)!


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