Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{Wedding Week} Bridal Beauty 1915

Some invaluable advice from Woman's Life magazine, May 1915. I've taken some excerpts from the full article, which you can click below to enlarge and read. I also really love the beautiful Art Nouveau illustration, which my collection of Edwardian / 1910s magazines are full of.

Pure white is very trying to many compexions in the daytime. None but those with a very good complexion or very fair skin can carry off successfully that very dead-white with a tint of blue in it.

But most brides select dead-white, whether it becomes them or not.

For the girl with a creamy or sallow skin dead-white is more than trying. It seems to take every vestige of colour from her face. Girls with this type of complexion should choose cream, or at least ivory-white, for their wedding-dress, softened by plenty of pretty lace. They should choose satin, too, instead of dull silks. The red-haird girl, on the other hand, should keep to dull, pure white materials, such as white crepe de Chine, ninon, or silk.

The Complexion

For quite a week before the wedding the bride-to-be should pay special attention to her complexion. Three days beforehand it is well worth her while to pay a visit to a beauty specialist and undergo a face and neck massage treatment. It is not an extravagance, believe me, and a fee of 7x. 6d. is well worth spending in view of the splendid results achieved.

Keep your skin fresh and clear by early rising, regular hours, plenty of exercise, and strict attention to diet. And don't worry, as so many girls are inclined to do. There is nothing so harmful to the looks as worrying over trifles. Try and cultivate a calm, serene state of mind.

Three days before the wedding try washing your face every night in milk. You will find it makes your skin beautifully clear and soft.

The Hair

Four days before the wedding have a shampoo, for you will want your hair to look nice. Don't have it shampooed, though, the day before the wedding, as so many brides do, or you will find it difficult to dress. Then I think almost every girl has a kind of tired look on your face, which would certainly not be becoming to a bride.


  1. not sure if i like the bit that says red headed woman should wear 'dull' white ! ha ha. Great post, really interesting. xx

  2. I love the comment about brides wanting to look perfect but rarely achieving it. So important to keep the reader on a short leash! heheh


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