Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Wedding Week} Late 40s Bridal Fashions

I've got two sets of late 1940s Bridal fashion inspiration for you today. The first is from Everywoman magazine, June 1947.

Three very different wedding dresses are exhibited. For a church wedding there's a princess gown in pure white satin, and a mid-Victorian influenced confection in lemon-coloured net trimmed with baby blue lace. There's also a simple pencil skirt dress with detachable peplum for a registry office wedding. But what I like is the ideas for accessorising the wedding ensemble (the ideas can also be adapted to suit an outfit for any summer event).

The head-dress with its one-sided effect, shown here, is something new. A spray of real or artificial flowers frames one side of the face, whilst the other is draped with the veil whcih cascades over the shoulder and down the back.

A spray of roses, of course, makes an appropriate June bouquet. But why not have something more original? Very easily made is the one in the picture. At regular intervals along the spray, the wired stems of the flowers are caught with net bows.

Glvoes can be the one touch of originality which makes an ensemble. If you're wearing a short frock, you may decide against carrying a bouquet and you may prefer not to wear flowers on your dress. But you must have some floral trimming in a bridal outfit. So why not introduce it on your gloves? A pair of fine mesh ones, with long gauntlets, worn with bracelets of flowers, will be attractive.

The second scan is from a Leach-Way pattern magazine which is undated, but from the content it's from either 1947 or 1948, at the very cusp of the New Look - I'll be posting some more fashions from the magazine next week.

The gathered bustle above is all about the fairytale romance.

I love the understated, refined glamour of the design below, with its sweetheart neckline and gently ruched bodice. And that fan-like headdress is just lovely.


  1. Aren't they gorgeous! I have made hundreds of wedding dresses, including plenty of vintage reproductions and remakes of Mum's dress, usually from the 60's, and I am SO over the current fashion for bare shouldered, slightly a-line dresses.
    Seeing these gorgeous designs makes me want to make them all up and see women fall in love with them and eschew bare shouldered, a-line boringness for these glorious and flattering frocks!

  2. These are corking posts! Such inspiration to be had - if I had a fiancee and a wedding to plan that is *wink*

  3. Absolutely beautiful! So refreshing to see original vintage inspiration for weddings, rather than modern day magazine spreads. I love the 1940's too, fab! xx

  4. These are fascinating, I love old wedding dresses and speculating about their previous owners and their lives.
    Have you seen Dorothy Stote's book, "The Bride's Book?" Printed in the 1930's, it's worth trying to lay hands on a copy. A riding habit was considered a necessary part of the clothes she would require.


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