Friday, July 15, 2011

{Wedding Week} Shoes for the Rock & Roll Bride

Even if you're going traditional with the dress, there's a good opportunity for going a bit wild with the shoes. I've picked out some of my favourite "walk on the wild side" options for alternative or rockabilly wedding shoes, including two of my own designs (hey, it's my blog and I'll self promote if I want to - and besides, I think they're awesome).

Top L-R: Cherry Ruby Slippers (also available in ivory satin) £50, by me (these graced the feet of at least two fabulous brides last year!); Hand-painted guns and roses tattoo shoes $80, Yellow Brick Road Shoes (check out the store, they have loads more cool tattoo shoes - want!); Ginger leather and lace shoe $198, Remix.

Centre L-R: Rock and Roll Bride by Shoe Missy, £60, as photographed by Marianne Taylor Photography (LOVE the idea to hand write the words directly on the shoes); Lucite Lovely £64.99, Irregular Choice; Hello Sailor nautical shoes £50, by me.

Bottom L-R: Courtesan Floral Bar £78, Irregular Choice; Heart Peeptoes, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa (quite the trendy wedding shoe of late, judging by the various wedding blogs & magazines that my sister's been looking at); Camille bouquet shoe clips $40.95, Chloe & Maddie.

The shoes I'll be wearing on Saturday would also be delightful as wedding shoes, but you'll have to wait a day or two to see them.


  1. I LOVE those floral shoe clips!

  2. Oooo, nautical shoes... it's so early in the morning but they've made me jump up and down! x

  3. Those wedding shoes are really elegant and unique. The styles and designs are really awesome. Thumbs up for sharing this to us.

  4. Wow! Those wedding shoes are really elegant and unique. I love it! Love the shoes that has a heart shape. Thumbs up!!


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