Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cocktail Party Fabric

It's been a while since I produced any fabric designs! I'm working on a range of atomic-themed designs, because I wanted some cool 50s cotton fabrics for making my record bags. This one is based on the endpaper from a vintage cocktail recipe book, I believe (I think I found it on flickr - it's been in my inspiration file for some time). I made some adjustments it to make it non-directional and give it a half-brick repeat, and I'm playing with different colour combinations (the original is on a black background).

Methinks it looks pretty darn groovy, no?

My next fabric will be my very own design - the first that I've created entirely from scratch. I've been gathering inspiration from various original 50s atomic print barkcloths and dress fabrics, and I'm currently playing around with design elements. I'm pleased with how it's shaping up so far (though there's still quite a lot of work to go). Stay tuned for my progress!


  1. Wow! That sounds really interesting! I'm a seamstress myself, but I never designed a fabric. You're going to print your design on a white cotton fabric?

  2. I get fabric printed through spoonflower - I have a few repro designs already available.

    xx Charlotte

    1. How does one contact you to purchase some of the fabrics you've designed?

  3. I love your designs! Thank you for sharing! :)

  4. That's awesome, it would make a swanky cocktail apron!

  5. Great print! It looks really cool :))

  6. Wow, Wow it's great! Can't wait to see your designs!


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