Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cocktails Collection

Hello all! I'm back from my unscheduled blogging hiatus - isn't it funny how easy it is to get out of the habit of something, and then it's really hard to get back in! I have not been idle in my absence though; I've been working on a few little projects and one bigger one - more on that in a moment. Meantime I'll show you what I've been occupying myself with the last few days: an actual co-ordinating set of fabrics. You'll recognise the cocktail party and atomic abstract designs from previous posts, recoloured in a 50s-diner-inspired scheme. There are still one or two further designs still in progress, but as usual I just couldn't resist sharing. These will be available through my spoonflower page as soon as I've received and checked the proofs.

One of the main reasons I've been doing a lot of fabric design lately is for my record bags (check out the new clutch version) - I really wanted to be able to use awesome 50s fabrics for the lining, but it's so difficult to get great atomic fabric at a decent price. So that was the main purpose for the atomic abstract print, and I think the cocktails designs will work great, too.

The big news, though, is that I'm moving house. Matin's being transferred within his company to London, so we'll be moving in the next month or two. I'll be sad to leave Chichester, but I'm excited to live in the capital, and hopefully be able to enjoy the vintage scene up there. Pretty spiffing!


  1. Wow, clever you! This procedure fascinates me, hadn't heard of spoonflower before and now that I have....why am I not rich? I want to buy everything!

  2. Reallk love your fabrics, make sure you post on here when they are available as I buy off spoonflower myself and I'd love some of the red one :)

  3. they are stunning, looks like a lot of work


  4. wow you have some big changes ahead of you and how exciting to have designed your own amazing fabric!! They are such beautiful designs:))

  5. Ooh hurrah, will be great to have you in London! x

  6. love the fabric!Good luck with your move

  7. That's so amazing-your designs are fabulous!!! And cool you'll be in London! Come lindyhopping!!

  8. Do let us know when they're available, and I'll start saving up for some now ;) They're gorgeous!

    Good luck with your move!


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