Saturday, October 29, 2011

Car Boot Bargains

I've been a regular over at Ford car boot sale for the last couple of months, I got a few fun bits and pieces today so I thought I'd share. I'm having a great season for bargains the last few weeks - both my pink cape and everything I bought today was very cheap by normal standards (downside of living in such a terribly middle class area is even the charity shops and boot sales are expensive).

Because I need more suitcases. Ahem...

These are samples of some kind of laminate surface - there were a few more, but they were selling them at a quid each (I got a small discount because it was the same stall where I bought the suitcases) so I didn't get the lot. But I just loved the midcentury graphics - thought they might be worth turning into a fabric design.

Isn't this fabulous? A (1960s? 70s?) pink hairdryer with attachable hood. The instructions and even the matching pink hairnet is still with it.

Check these books out for 50p each! (Trust me, you never find anything for 50p at Ford car boot). I've been after a bit of Wodehouse for my library, and the other book I just couldn't resist for the cover illustration.


  1. I love those suitcases. I reall want to replace storage boxes with vintage suitcases in my house to keep things tidy.

  2. I love suitcases! I still have my Sindy vanity case and a blue one, square though and same era.

  3. I've always wanted to collect suitcases but I have no idea where I'd keep them all! Vintage suitcases are so much prettier than modern pull alongs - especially if they have travel stickers on them!

  4. Cool finds, thanks for sharing!!

  5. EVERYONE *needs* more suitcases!!!


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