Monday, October 17, 2011

Country Girl

Yes, I just recently featured this dress in an outfit post, but I always like to see how my favourite bloggers style up a dress in different ways, to get ideas for extending an existing wardrobe. After all, it's all very well to look fabulous in a new outfit every day if you have a vast wardrobe of amazing vintage clothes, but most of us don't have an infinite wardrobe (or the means to get one).

So, the same dress, another way: the addition of boots and knitted jacket reflects the increasingly autumnal (though still delightfully mild - I didn't even really need the jacket) weather we're getting now. The straw hat is perhaps a little incongruous for October, but I thought the colours and berry theme worked for autumn - and besides, who wants to be conventional?

Matin and I drove up to Lavant, just outside Chichester, for a late afternoon stroll along a little country lane there. The very last of the blackberries were on the brambles - yum!

Although I love summer, you can't beat the warm light of the late afternoon winter sunshine. Matin's photography skills are definitely improving too - hence the rather image-heavy post (for which I apologise - I sometimes find it annoying when fashion bloggers post a million pictures of the same outfit - but I couldn't decide which ones to cut!).

1950s dress, car boot sale; Cherry hat (1930s?), ebay; Gloves, can't remember; 1950s birdies celluloid pin, ebay; Argyle socks, can't remember; Boots, Clarks - about five years ago (or more!); Leather belt, charity shop; Norwegian Fairisle cardigan, Hand-me-down from Norwegian auntie; Handbag, charity shop (?).


  1. I think the hat is 1940's as my grandma had one very like it from that era. Love the autumnal look! And that dress really is the best, would you copy it?

  2. Love this outfit! I really think I need a hat with fruit on it! Must keep my eyes pealed for one!

  3. I actually really like posts showing the different ways you can mix up outfits - it's way more realistic than pretending we have infinite wardrobes~!

  4. I have a bit of a hoard-robe, even so in reality, practicality dictates that I'll tend to wear the same thing regularly over a few months (weather, events etc') - I wonder how 'never twice' fashion bloggers manage at all! Do they actually wear the items? Where do they even store them all?

  5. Great dress. Hat too. :)

  6. Lovely! I sometimes feel like other bloggers have infinitely deeper wardrobes than I do. So I agree with Miss Emmi, I really appreciate seeing you style this in a different way! It's a good reminder to be clever when we dip into our closet.

  7. What a lovely hat!
    It reminds me of summer even if the weather outside looks like in winter...
    very nice photos!

  8. goodness, these are great photos and I adore your dress.


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