Monday, October 31, 2011

Early 20th Century Halloween Costumes

Bat costume, 1887 - okay a bit earlier than 20th century! (source)

From Woman's Life magazine, 1906

Extravagant carousel costume, ca. 1910s (source)

Moon witch costume, 1920s (source)

Gay disguises for Halloween revellers, 1920s (source)

Dennison's Bogie Book, 1923 (source)

Witch costumes, 1920s (source)

Happy Halloween!


  1. Check the bat costume at EvaDress, it's amazing:

  2. I am a little bit in love with the carosel costume!!

  3. Ooh I just saw a program about the history of Halloween, and it included almost the same page spread from that Dennison's Bogie Book that you showed! I love the drop-waisted dress with the bat across the chest.

  4. I just love this sort of thing. Wouldn't it have been fun to attend one of those fancy dress balls?

  5. Had to pop in to see why I was getting so many hits from this blog. Glad you enjoyed my collection. Love your blog.


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