Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fruity Hats

It seems I got you in a fruity mood last week when I posted two outfits with cherry hats from my collection, so I thought I'd share a few of the most marvellous fruity millinery currently available on Etsy - it's a veritable harvest festival of hattery.

1. Vintage felt fedora with cherries, from Maybel57
2. Vintage 1950s berries and chocolate hat, from Swift
3. Vintage 1950s cherry pie hat, from FabGabs
4. Straw braid hat with millinery fruit, from Get Lucky Vintage
5. 40s inspired fruity straw hat, from Swell Dame Accessories
6. Cherry Picking miniature straw hat fascinator, from Now, Voyager
7. 1930s-40s vintage red straw with millinery fruit, from Alexsandras Vintage Emporium
8. Vintage cocktail hat with red berries, from REdesignkc
9. Vintage cherry harvest hat, from Amelia Vintage


  1. I adore those fruity hats! :) So cheerful! I was recently at a quiz and the question was 'which celebrity wears fruit?' - after many suggestions from Carmen Miranda to Katy Perry via Paloma Faith, they gave an arbitary correct answer. Which wasn't exactly the 'right' one as clearly all the other teams had idenitfied fruit-wearers too!

  2. Such pretty hats. I adore hats but have a tendency toward hat hair when I wear them, which is why I prefer the perching kind. Number eight is particularly lovely and I would love to emulate it for myself but have no idea where to start. Hey ho.

    Melanie xx

  3. Genius! I adore your cherry hats! I tried to emulate your cherry hat inspirational look during the summer (though with a different era) by attaching my Viven of Holloway cherry brooch to a black hat! It instantly made the hat more exciting!


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