Saturday, October 1, 2011

Miss Prim

This dress is modern, but almost a classic in its own right. It's from Boden circa 2005, when they were spearheading the revival of the 1940s-styled tea dress. The tea dress has since become ubiquitous on the high street, albeit mostly in itty bitty, thigh-skimming mini lengths.

For the outfit, I went for proper, all-out vintage chic with demure crochet gloves and cherry hat. A fairly simple outfit overall, but apparently effective: I don't think I've ever had so many compliments on my outfit! One older gentleman stopped me as I was walking to Joanna's and asked, "am I young again, or is this the new fashion?" "It's the old fashion!" I told him. He laughed. Another told me I reminded him of how his older sisters used to look. Various ladies - young and old - also stopped to comment.

I don't know whether it's Chichester (maybe because of the Revival, folks here 'get' vintage?) or if it's a general rule elsewhere, but I have to admit I've never once had a negative reaction to the way I dress. At least not one that was expressed strongly enough to enter my consciousness (I did once hear some schoolkids call out sarcastically "the 1960s is that way", but I have no idea if it was actually aimed at me, since I didn't look).

Dress, Boden; Shoes, purchased in Thailand; Necklace, car boot sale; 1950s hat, ebay; crochet gloves, can't remember; Handbag, ebay.


  1. Oh Charlotte, you look so pretty!! I'd stop and tell you how pretty you look if I was in Chichester! I do love your little hat! I have to say, I'd agree with that, I've never seen anyone react negatively to vintage outfits, people are always admiring!

  2. You look so lovely, every piece of your outfit goes so well together.

  3. This outfit is lovely! And I love your little story about the old man stopping you to comment. I do find that I've had a number of older men say nice things about my vintage outfits - perhaps it's for the very reason that it makes them feel young again because that's what young ladies wore in their time, which I find such a lovely thought, if we can take the older generations back to their youth momentarily!

    And I absolutely agree - I always get positive reactions to my outfits. I get some funny looks but usually from young people who don't get it because it's not conventional and fashionable. But I definitely get more positive than negative response.

  4. the whole outfit is amazing but I am green with envy over that hat.So darling!

  5. Looking lovely as always. It is always nice when people pay a compliment. On the rare occasion I have had comments - they have always been nice and friendly!

  6. You look fantastic! I (being 'dumpy') always look frumpy in Boden, you look delightful - it really suits you!

    I'm lucky in that I live in a very varied cultural area, so people don't bat an eyelid whatever I wear! I used to live in a more judgemental 'everyone's white, posh people wear M&S, less posh people wear Primark: choose one or we'll stare' area and HATED IT.


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