Friday, October 21, 2011

Outtakes #2

Although it would be nice to think that we are at all times elegant and poised, there are those moments when you come home with photos that are perhaps a touch less glamorous than you might have intended.

Like when you stop trying to gaze wistfully into the distance and just decide to be silly...

Or when the three-year-old nephew wants to be part of your outfit post...

Or when the weather refuses to co-operate... This was a day out in Portsmouth from which every single photo was disastrous (this is just a small selection!). As you can see, it was rather windy: my lightweight nylon full circle dress flew about all over the place, while my hairstyle developed a mind of its own and refused to stay anchored. So glam!

Or, erm...


  1. hilarious ! Nothing like a bad photo day. U still look glam though.x

  2. That's one thing I've learned from past mistakes: never to wear a flowy dress or skirt at the seaside! :o)

    The last picture is awesome!

  3. That last picture is such an adorable action shot!

  4. You get the award for REAL glamour shots - which are natural and appealing!

  5. Lol....I had no idea how many photos bloggers have to take to find "the one" to post, until I tried to take good ones!!! X

  6. Haha so gorgeous! You still manage to look ladylike, even when windswept. I love seeing posts like this one because there are so many goofy pics that go unnoticed when preparing an outfit post. I think they have a charm all of their own :)

  7. Love the pic where you're sitting on the cannon and your dress blows up! Had it shown the top of your stockings (if you were wearing any) and a bit of garter it would have been a perfect, classic pin up picture! :)

  8. Tackle hugs are ALWAYS reserved for those times you are dressed glam! Well, at least, according to my 20 month old daughter!

  9. Haha that last shot is a gem! I think you still look glam with your skirt blowing in the wind, very pin-up!

  10. LOL I love the last shot- it is hilarious :)
    And I agree- the cannon one is very like a pin-up pic!


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