Sunday, October 9, 2011

Retro Art: Matte Stephens

Matte Stephens's Eames-influenced, midcentury illustration style would sit very comfortably in a retro interior - in fact his pictures look like they could have come straight off the pages of a 1953 magazine. I already know that I want a Matte Stephens print on my wall. The trouble is that there are so many totally awesome pictures that I can't begin to choose a favourite! Indeed, it was hard enough picking out five to share here. I love the cityscapes the most, though the quirky characters in his other pictures are also super.

You can buy prints and original paintings by Matte in his etsy shop.


  1. They remind me of the credits to Ealing comedies or Disney live-action-movies with their whimsical 50s landscapes.

  2. These are wonderful, thanks for sharing!


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