Friday, October 7, 2011

Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

After ten days straight of sunshine in what was surely the longest sunny spell we've had this year, the heat wave has inevitably given way to distinctly autumnal weather. The last couple of days have been pretty grey, and although today is quite sunny, the air has a crisp October coolness. On the plus side, it gave me the perfect opportunity to debut my new corduroy dress!

A couple of weeks ago I had the great good fortune to arrive at the car boot sale at the same time as one of the traders was unloading a boxful of vintage stockings. He explained to me that he was helping a neighbour clear out her garage. It seems she was a bit of a shopaholic - "she couldn't help herself", as he put it. Dozens of pairs of stockings, dating from the late 50s to the late 60s, were still in their shop bags, some even with the original receipts! I took the whole lot (which I've started listing in my ebay shop), but in my excitement didn't think to get his contact details in case there were any more clothes to come out of this garage. So the following weekend I made sure to go back to the car boot sale in case he was there again. Sure enough he was, and he recognised me. He had a few more pairs of stockings (which I also took), and one or two items of clothing, including a black "zephyr wool" sweater and this sweet strawberry-coloured corduroy dress (which he let me have for £4!).

Having sat in a garage for perhaps fifty years, the dress needed some attention - not least a thorough laundering. I also had to pick off several cocoon type things which were adhered to the fabric, and there are a few tiny nibbles here and there (I think the mices have been at it - some other items had been chewed full of holes, but luckily they weren't that hungry for this dress). Having washed it, I finally tried it on and as you can imagine was delighted to find it an absolutely perfect fit (most unusual for me!). Can't wait to see what other clothes might come out of that garage.

Although I was unsure about the colour at first, I've decided I love it - it's not-quite-pink, not-quite-red, but very versatile. I can already see it'll go with lots of colours (including other shades of red and pink), so it's going to be fun experimenting with different accessories. It's also coincidentally the perfect match to one of the colours in the lining of my record bag (I LOVE my record bag - it goes with so many outfits, I use it all the time!).

1950s dress, car boot sale; 1950s hat, ebay; Belt, charity shop; Shoes, Marks & Spencer; Earrings, purchased in Thailand; Record bag, made by me (similar available in my shop).

In other news, the fabulously stylish and talented Abigail of This Old Life has passed me the Irresistably Sweet blog award.

As is the way with these things, it asks that I share seven random facts about me. I confess I'm running out of interesting titbits that I've never posted before, but here goes...

1. I am currently munching "Lebkuchen" German gingerbread - one of the best things that the Christmas season brings.
2. I don't like cola. Coke, Pepsi, or own brand - I don't like any of them. I don't even like cola bottle sweets.
3. I eat far too many takeaways.
4. I'm never ready for summer to end.
5. New Look is my high street guilty secret. Right now I'm coveting a pair of their brown brogues. I need brown shoes!
6. My lifelong rejection of trousers may be changing - watch this space for more on the Great Trouser Experiment.
7. I love Bon Jovi. And Gilbert & Sullivan (Iolanthe's my favourite).

Next comes the tagging bit. Rather than me tag the same blogs as I do every time this sort of thing happens, I'm going to open it up to the blogging world at large. If you haven't been tagged yet but would like to play along, please leave a comment with your blog link, and consider yourself tagged!


  1. That is such an adorable dress! I love the hat too, it goes with it so well, and the record bag. Even the colour of the blog award matches the dress!

    I would like to be tagged please, my link is

    Thank you!

  2. Love this dress! It's too cute! Also, I love the mint and white background with it.

  3. Wow-weeeeeeee! What a haul! A vintage carbooters DREAM! Lovely dress - and being corduroy it should see you nicely through the brisk winds of winter!

  4. Goodness, what a haul! That dress is great, and how good it must have felt to have such a nice fit after all that work you had to put into it to get it in good shape again! :)

  5. I love your entire outfit!! Do you think you could do a tutorial on how to make a cute little hat like that, or one of those 50s headband-style hats?

  6. that is a beautiful dress! that colour really pops :) what a lucky find! And it fits perfectly too. Don't you worry when buying at car boots that it might not fit? or do you take a tape measure? I don't always seem to get it right.

    I may need to pop to your shop to buy me some of those stockings!! It's getting far too chilly!

    By the way, what you described finding on that dress sounds not like mice, but like moths. those cocoons you mentioned are where the larvae have hatched, so I'd either take it to the dry cleaners to make sure they don't spread or give it a thorough check over, including the hems. I've had far too many clothes ruined by moths :(


  7. I agree with Lady Jardin--those cocoons sound like moths. I would probably pop the dress into a Ziploc bag and put it in the freezer for a couple of weeks. That way you can make sure any little eggs hidden in the fabric won't hatch and eat up the woolies in your closet.

    That's an adorable dress, by the way!

  8. The nibbles are almost certainly mice - you should have seen some of the tablelinens they'd chewed! But it might be a good idea to stick the dress in the freezer in case of moth eggs all the same. Or will a going-over with a steam iron be enough to take care of them?

    xx Charlotte

  9. I'd definitely say stick it in the freezer! Annie is right, it's the best, easiest and cheapest way of killing offr those moths, better be safe than sorry :) still a gorgeous dress though! :)


  10. I like G&S also! Tantantara zing boom zing boom! I love playing flute for G&S productions as you always get such cracking tunes to play!
    My favourite is The pirates of Penzance and I had great fun being in 'The rose of Persia' a couple of years ago!

  11. Love your purse!!! that dress is so pretty too!

  12. You look so pretty! love the bag :)


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