Sunday, October 30, 2011

Steal Her Style: Vixen Vintage

Welcome to a new feature on Tuppence Ha'penny. I'll be profiling popular vintage bloggers and style icons, analysing key aspects of their look and curating shopping collections so you can get the look. First up, Solanah of Vixen Vintage, one of the most well-known vintage fashion bloggers out there.

Always immaculately turned out, Solanah favours fashions from the late 30s, 40s and 50s. Her approach to vintage is non-purist: her look often incorporates elements from different periods, sometimes mixed with modern pieces, though usually with an overall 'feel' of a particular era.

Mad about plaid (and gingham)

1. 80s-does-50s plaid shirtwaist dress $39, Fluffie Loves Vintage
2. Woven plaid scarf $11, Alacloth on etsy
3. Pendleton plaid 49-er jacket $46, Elizabeth Grace Vintage
4. 1950s gingham party dress $120, kbickert on etsy
5. Burlington argyle socks £6.03, Sock Shop

Kitty Love

1. Kitty sweater $32, Lola Vintage
2. Kitten print socks £3.50, Topshop (also in pink and blue)
3. Cat eye glasses $124, Vintage 50s Eyewear on etsy
4. Circle skirt with kitty applique
5 & 6. Tammis Keefe cat fabric by Michael Miller
7. Vintage repro cat fabric in pink by Anna Griffin

Bright colours and leopard print

1. Vintage 1940s cranberry wool knit dress $80, Commissar Vintage
2. Leather leopard print belt $28, The Vintage Closet
3. Vintage teal green nylon gloves $15, Faulkner House Vintage
4. Vintage 80s teal leather shoes $41.55, MySweetiePiePie
5. 1950s red and white polka dot hat $20, ReCultivation

Mustard with everything

1. Corn yellow fairisle cardigan £29.99, New Look
2. Carved wood bird brooch$9.00, Vintage Home Recycled on etsy.
3. Knit beret £3.99, H&M
4. Vintage carved butterscotch bakelite bangle $55.00, 1980s Excess
5. Vintage 70s Colombian Leather Camel Shoulder Satchel Bag $55, Betsey Luxe Vintage


  1. It's a great initiative, it turned out pretty cool and I'm sure it will be extremely popular! Well done!

  2. Great idea. I love Solanah's style

  3. I love this! Solanah is an absolute doll, and i think you've captured the essence of her style perfectly in these pieces. I'd love to see more of these!
    Fabulous :D

  4. Wow - what a fantastic idea for a feature and what an absolute stunner! Definitely love to see more of these.

  5. I love this idea...I seem to accidentally 'steal' styles from online, then realise part way through the day!

  6. Solanah is definetly a vintage - modern- icon!
    hanks for sharing!

  7. What a great idea! I look forward to read more of this feature!

  8. Love this idea! Can't wait to see future posts!

  9. She's probably my fave vintage blogger. I love her style. I just don't have the wallet or lifestyle to wear the lovely clothing she has.

  10. I personally adore Solanah's style - especially her fab collection of socks. I just cannot pull that look off AT ALL.

    What a fab idea for a feature!

  11. Great post - Solanah is one of my vintage heros. I bought a dress that cried out to me on the rail today at a fair and i've just realised its virtually the same as the first dress of hers in this post!!! *Subliminal vintage messages* me thinks!
    Love your blog btw xx

  12. I love Solanah's blog and she's a really friendly girl!!! I'm a vintage purist, I never mix era always 50's or 40's, but I think she can mix things with taste and feminity (for example not wearing a jeans under a 40's dress... a thing that I have already seen...)

  13. She's a wonderful vintage girlie and what a good idea to give ideas of how to emulate the look!

  14. What a great idea! I love how you took so many cute outfits of hers and found similar items, and especially that you found lots of small shops to promote. So cute, thanks for sharing this!

  15. I agree that Solanah is probably my favourite vintage blogger - always love her posts!
    This is a cute piece - I especially love all the Kitty stuff - the fabrics are adorable :)

  16. This is so good! You really identified key aspects of her style - particularly cats! Tee hee

  17. Thank you so much for the feature, I greatly appreciate it. :) Love her saucy style, what a bombshell!

  18. What a FUN new feature! I love it. And Solanah does have great style, indeed. :)

  19. Thank you SO MUCH for this post, it's so personal and perfectly put together! Also really fun to see my style through another's eyes, thank you so much again!


  20. Such cute pieces! I love this blog and am going to like it on Facebook and Tweet about it as soon as I'm done with this comment! Blessings to you,

    P.S. Check out my blog Buckles, Buttons, and Baking!


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