Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ways to wear Leopard Print #25

Having grabbed this dress out of the wardrobe as the only suitable frock I could see which didn't need either ironing or sewing (I was trying to get ready in a hurry) I cast a glance around the room for accessory inspiration. My eye alighted on the leopard pillbox hat I made back in January, and I thought "why not?".

It would never normally have occurred to me to put leopard print with this powder blue, but I'm trying to be a bit more 'out there' with my combinations. As it turns out I think this actually works really well.

And apparently the good people of Chichester agreed; I got told several times "I love your look". I never get complimented so much as when I'm wearing a hat - it's like a hat is an instant passport to style. So there you have it, if you want to be admired wherever you go, and made to feel like a million dollars, the answer's simple: wear a hat.

And have you spotted the record clutch bag? Made on exactly the same principle as the original record bag, but using just one record. I've made some with a ribbon-tie closure like this, and some with a clasp of a vintage button and elastic loop.

1940s cotton tea dress (there's actually a matching belt but I have to make it smaller), ebay; Leopard pillbox hat, made by me from a 1940s pattern; Leopard print bangles, Accessorize; Bakelite bangle, ebay; Shoes, Marks & Spencer; Belt, charity shop; Recycled record clutch bag, coming soon to my shop.


  1. Wow that really is a fantastic combination - and that's such a gorgeous blue :-)

    Hats are indeed very awesome also. I've collected a few already but haven't been game enough to wear them outside as yet. Mostly due to the fact I have a very modern haircut and not sure how to style my jaw length hair to fit a hat. Would you know where to look for this kind of information?
    I've always been pretty crappy with doing my hair!

  2. I too adore the powder blue and leopard combo. I think it's a bit naughty and nice and that's why it works.

    @Esz, I too have jaw length hair and I do either finger waves or a Marcel wave in the front and just curl the back. Having at least a vaguely period hair does make hats look way less odd. Here's my fingerwave tutorial if you are interested:

  3. You are so stylish!!! Love your outfit!!!!
    I agree with you hats are the passport to be be really outstanding even with a simple coton dress, that's why I love large hats or quite crazy hats!!! I have so much of them it's quite hard to store them now and mainly knowing where they are when I'm searching one....

  4. Wow Chichester will miss you when you make the big move :) Lovely look, powder blue and leopard go well, who would have thought! Well done :)


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