Sunday, October 16, 2011

With A Cherry On Top

This is actually what I was wearing a few weeks ago (I was photographing the new record bags I made to go in my shop). This dress is one of my favourite autumnal garments - easy to wear, comfortable, and versatile. Unfortunately it's currently in my mending pile, the hem having started to come undone in the last wear (one of the disadvantages of traditional invisible hem stitching is that it can come out quite easily - especially when it's done in a hurry, as this one was).

Corduroy jumper dress, made by me from a 1955 pattern; Cotton voile pussy bow blouse, French Connection via ebay; 1950s hat, ebay; Leather belt, charity shop; Record bag, in my shop; Cherry satin shoes, made to order.


  1. Lovely outfit--I have almost the exact same dress, the only difference is that mine has an a-line skirt!

  2. I'd love a 50's pinafore dress for my wardrobe, do you have any suggestions for current stockists or a modern pattern that I can get hold of please


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