Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chocolate and Aqua

This early 40s rayon day dress is one of my favourites - I love the chocolate and aqua colour scheme that was so popular at the time. Also, rayon is possibly my favourite fabric - it's so versatile: this dress and the CC41 dress I posted recently are in a heavy, linen-weave rayon, while another of my favourite frocks, the bluebirds dress, is in a super light rayon crepe de chine. It's also a fabric for all seasons, while cotton is traditionally a summer fabric.

I've actually blogged this dress before, minimally accessorized for a summery look, but I thought I'd share another outfit with the same dress styled for autumn.

I'm really excited about my chocolate brown accessories - weird I know! But after spending all last winter trying to find a pair of brown oxfords, I finally found just the shoes I'd been picturing, in New Look a few weeks ago. I'd also been searching for a pair of chocolate brown long gloves forever, so I was really pleased to finally find these over the summer (they're not in perfect condition - they have a few mends - but I think they were £1). Oh, there's a handbag too, but it didn't get into any of these pictures! (oh, it's just visible in the last one).

1940s dress, Dead Man's Glory; Beret, charity shop; Shoes, New Look; Gloves, bought at Vintage at Southbank; 1960s faux leather handbag, car boot sale; Scarf & rhinestone brooch, borrowed from Joanna (who also took these photos while also simultaneously trying to tame a tantruming toddler and keep the baby strapped to her asleep).


  1. Wonderful colour combo! I love rayon too. LOVE it!

  2. I love aqua and brown - it's a perfect combination and looks wonderful.

  3. Don't you look lovely! I too love this colour combination. Our living room curtains are chocolate brown with duck egg blue flowers.

  4. I wish I could easily find rayon to sew with- it all seems to be knit fabric though!
    As for the shoes- lovely :) I have a new pair, very similar :)
    And I love the dress- lovely colour combination.

  5. I love this color combo! The beret and gloves are a wonderful touch :)

  6. In response to your comment- you should do a shoe post too!! You have so many excellent ideas, I had to link your past shoe posts on mine! :) X

  7. Lovely!
    You look really gorgeous!

  8. I adore this outfit! Turquoise/teal is my favourite colour and I really like wearing it with brown too! Beautiful. The gloves really make the look!


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