Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fairisle and Plaid

I scored this fairisle sweater from a charity shop a few months ago. At £6 it wasn't the bargain of the century, but still pretty good for 80% wool, and since fairisle sweaters always go for high prices on ebay I snapped it up. The neckline isn't especially vintagey, but it is more flattering than the more authentic jewel neck.

The outfit needed a little something to pep it up - give it a little colour and make it a bit more interesting - so I took my own advice and pulled out a scarf. In fact it's the taffeta sash I wore as a bridesmaid at my elder brother's wedding in about 1993 (there's repurposing for you). Rather than tie it at the front I wrapped it round my neck and tossed the ends over my shoulders (I think it elongates my neck, no?). To stop them falling forward I fastened the tails at the back with a brooch, which I thought was terribly clever. Then when I got to my sister's, she enquired whether I'd had my head on backwards when I put my scarf on. Hurrumph.

Sorry about the messy hair - it was a rush job. I really want a crochet bun cover, anyone know where I can get one? My step sister used to wear one for ballet, but I've never seen one since.

Oh, and here's the other side of the reversible cape I was wearing the other day. I love my capes. I can't remember the last time I wore a normal coat - I've just been living in my capes!

Vintage cape, charity shop; Skirt (so well-loved it's now in need of repair), M&S some years ago; Fairisle sweater, charity shop; Tartan sash (worn as a scarf), made as part of bridesmaid outfit; Shoes, charity shop (originally New Look); Vintage gloves, can't remember; Marcasite earrings, can't remember; Brooch, gift from Joanna.

PS: Thanks everyone for your response to my "Vintage for Beginners" series so far. Starting next week I'm going to be covering the topic of building a vintage wardrobe in more detail. I've also had requests for posts on vintage hair styles and make-up, and caring for / storing vintage clothes & accessories. These will take some time to prepare, but they'll follow after Building a Vintage Wardrobe. If there are any other Vintage for Beginners topics you'd like to see me address, do let me know and I'll do my best!


  1. What a great outfit. I really like your jumper- looks much nicer than all the Fair Isle jumpers I've seen in the High Street.

  2. Wonderful outfit - so inspiring. I love the scarf over the back thing,I have done that before but never with a brooch which is an excellent plan. You have me thinking about capes now. I didn't get on with them before, getting frustrated with the arm hole. Now maybe I should try again...Hmmm

  3. Ahoy! Looking LOVELY as always!!

    Re Crochet bun covers - I had a quick squiz over on Etsy:-

    I dont know if that will work when you put it into your browser - so I shall pop it onto your FB oage too :)

  4. How did I not think of lookingo on Etsy?! Thanks Charly!

    xx Charlotte

  5. You might also try looking for snood as your search term, while they are more often those bigger ones used to hold all your hair 40s style, sometimes they are bun-sized. And snood was the term my step-grandma always used to refer to the bun-sized ones she crocheted for me back in high school. :)

    Really cute and clever outfit. I love using a brooch to fasten something that's won't stay put. And the combo of the plaid and the sweater is lovely!

  6. I'd second Etsy and 'snood' since when I looked for snood that is what I found LOL
    Typically though, I make my own because they are really easy to make!

  7. gorrrgeous jumper, it looks lovely on you.


  8. I love the backwards scarf idea, brilliant! You look marvelous!
    Also, for the bun cover, try taking a look at horseback riding supply stores. I used to have a bunch of those crocheted bun covers with the attached barrettes/ribbons from my horseshow days; most tack stores carry them in their show clothing sections.

  9. Love the gloves, the green is such a nice touch!


    Any use? Seem to be more available in the US than the UK site. The horse attire is a good idea too, used to ride myself.

    Love what you did with the scarf, very stylish. I like Fair Isle, but being busty I'm not sure about wearing it. If I could find something cropped and neat it would be better. Been after a beret for ages, but cannot find any to save my life.

  11. I love this outfit! The sweater is really cute and the scarf made the look even nicer!

  12. I do love a bit of fairisle, I love the way you've styled it too. I would definitely say £6 is a bargain, the prices are shooting up because it's very 'in' at the moment!

  13. PS. Dance shops (often attached to ballet schools)...crochet bun covers. However, they *may* all be sugary R.A.D pink!

  14. That is such a fab sweater! Fantastic outfit as always!

  15. I really enjoyed your vintage for beginners posts, and also all the ones on the vintage wardrobe. Just found your blog and liked it so much I started reading it from the very beginning. I'm back in early February this year, haha!

  16. I love the green gloves!
    Really bring the outfit together :)


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