Tuesday, December 13, 2011


As promised, here are a few pics of our new home. It's not exactly what you might call a finished project, but it's already starting to feel nice and homely.

Our previous place was fully furnished, so we were basically starting from scratch when we moved. A trip to Ikea took care of the bed. The chair is 1970s and was free, from the office where Matin used to work (which has closed down - the reason for his transfer and our move to London).

Hat storage is a perennial problem, so I took a tip I'd seen on a few other blogs and hung a few of my favourite hats over the bed. I'm trying to ensure that everything in regular use is easily accessible - which brings me to my 'bedside table', a small stack of vintage vanities containing (from bottom) more hats, belts, and gloves - I'm in these on a daily basis so it makes sense to have them within easy reach (they used to be on top of the wardrobe, and I was pulling them down every day - I like this much better!). On top is my jewellery box (a recent car boot sale find for £2 - yay!), which I'm keeping in view to remind me to wear more jewellery.

We have a big built-in double wardrobe to replace the beautiful-but-tiny vintage wardrobe we used to share, so for the first time I can have all my clothes in it (except a few proper summer clothes like shorts, swimsuits and one or two sundresses, which I've packed away in a vacuum bag under the bed). I've got all my handbags in the bottom, and on the shelf boxes of hats and fascinators, and suitcases of scarves. Shoes are on a shoe rack by the front door.

And so through to the living room... Where I have a little workstation - and more hats.

After trawling ebay and the car boots for weeks in search of a formica table, Mummy found this one at the depot of a charity she works with. The atomic-y fruit bowl came from - ahem - Asda.

And here's what my sewing machine cabinet currently looks like when not in use. The record bowl of bangles will move into the bedroom once we have a chest of drawers or dressing table, but it's quite fun here for the time being. My sewing patterns and 'mending pile' are stored inside the cabinet.

That's all for now - I'll post more pictures as we get settled in!


  1. Lovely start! When I was in university I moved every 2 years and I really liked decorating a new place. Have fun!

    If you'd like to check out my dressing room you can see it on my blog here:

  2. It's so beautiful. You're a lucky girl to have a fella who doesn't mind a pink bed!! My hubs finally settled on yellow but I do yearn for a pink chenille bedspread some day. I adore the pattern of your formica table and your red suitcases are lovely. Wall storage is so perfect for a hat collection. My favorite part of moving is spending time decorating! I've found a lot of cute ideas on pinterest. Have fun in your new home!!

  3. I love your bedrm-it looks warm and cozy and organized-I am sure you feel great about it. I love when a project is done!! Congrats! xox

  4. Lovely! I love how your hats double as decoration. And that record bowl is so cute! A friend just gave me a stack of old, scratched up records so I can finally try some of your tutorials! :)

  5. Very interesting to have a look into your new home. Great ideas!
    Have a colourful day!

  6. I am going to steal your cases-as-a-bedside-table idea. My bedroom is a mess thanks to lack of small scale storage AND I need a bedside table. 3 cases = problem solved!

  7. I'm in love with that hat, the card box, the teeny suitcase and the bangle bowl, it all looks great

  8. Looks like it is shaping up nicely :)


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