Friday, September 30, 2011

Riding The Heat Wave

Good morning all! I'm delighted to announce that I'm back from my unofficial blogging hiatus. I think I kind of got a spot of "blogger burnout" a while back, and fell out of the habit of blogging. And once such a habit is broken, it takes quite a bit of impetus to get started again. So to get the old blogging momentum going again I've lined up some outfit posts for you over the next few days. Not exactly seasonal fashions though, given the extraordinarily unseasonal weather we've had this week. When I heard on the radio on Saturday morning (at 8 a.m. on the way to the car boot sale) that a "mini heatwave" was forecast I scoffed derisively. But lo and behold it turned out a very warm day. Sunday followed suit. And to our ever-increasing amazement, so did Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Making this, I am quite sure, the hottest week we've had since April.

As such, on Tuesday I got thoroughly overexcited and actually donned shorts for the first time this summer. To ease my self-consciousness at showing so much skin, and avoid looking too much like I was headed for the beach, I covered up on top with a long-sleeved rayon blouse - the polka dots happen to co-ordinate perfectly with the turquoise of the shorts. I vintage'd it up a bit more with the hair, accessorized simply and was good to go.

High-waisted shorts, made to order in Thailand; Vintage 1940s rayon polka dot blouse, etsy; Belt, ebay; Shoes, Marks & Spencer; Record handbag, made by me and available in my shop.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vintage Event at Chequers, Chichester

I'm working with my friend Josie to co-ordinate a vintage weekend event to coincide the Goodwood Revival, from the 14th-17th of July. Do come along - join us for the evening events, or come along in the morning at the weekend and get your vintage hair and make-up professionally styled so you look immaculate for Goodwood.

Chequers Inn, Oving Road, Chichester, PO19 7ER.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cocktails Collection - continued

I'm watching Jeeves and Wooster, which although not exactly the same era, seems appropriate all the same as the setting in which to introduce the rest of my cocktail collection fabrics: Cocktail Bubbles and Cocktail Menu. The latter was inspired by an actual vintage cocktail menu I found on flickr (and you would not believe how long I spent puzzling over how to get the wonky stripes to tesselate!). I've done both in a choice of colourways, which will be available along with the rest of the collection as soon as I've proofed the prints.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cocktails Collection

Hello all! I'm back from my unscheduled blogging hiatus - isn't it funny how easy it is to get out of the habit of something, and then it's really hard to get back in! I have not been idle in my absence though; I've been working on a few little projects and one bigger one - more on that in a moment. Meantime I'll show you what I've been occupying myself with the last few days: an actual co-ordinating set of fabrics. You'll recognise the cocktail party and atomic abstract designs from previous posts, recoloured in a 50s-diner-inspired scheme. There are still one or two further designs still in progress, but as usual I just couldn't resist sharing. These will be available through my spoonflower page as soon as I've received and checked the proofs.

One of the main reasons I've been doing a lot of fabric design lately is for my record bags (check out the new clutch version) - I really wanted to be able to use awesome 50s fabrics for the lining, but it's so difficult to get great atomic fabric at a decent price. So that was the main purpose for the atomic abstract print, and I think the cocktails designs will work great, too.

The big news, though, is that I'm moving house. Matin's being transferred within his company to London, so we'll be moving in the next month or two. I'll be sad to leave Chichester, but I'm excited to live in the capital, and hopefully be able to enjoy the vintage scene up there. Pretty spiffing!


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