Sunday, January 15, 2012

{Colour Theory Week} Colours of A/W 1939

1939 is one of my favourite years for style: War was not quite upon us, and fashion was having fun. Swingy skirts hit at that perfect a-little-below-the-knee length, the extravagant frilliness of the mid-30s had given way to subtler girlish touches, the tilt hat was high in fashion, and bodices were gently shirred and gathered the way I love. It was also a colourful year, and the daring two- and three-way colour combinations suggested in the fall 1939 Sears catalogue are very inspiring.

Gold top with Laurel Green skirt and Bittersweet accessories

Limegreen top with Skipper Blue skirt and Wine accessories

Rancho Rose top with Black skirt, Skipper Blue accessories

Wine skirt, Pink blouse, Navy jacket

Navy skirt, Copen Blue blouse, Rose jacket

Henna Rust skirt, Gold blouse, Teal Blue jacket


  1. I particularly love the hats... Wish they'd get back in fashion! I've noticed you have a nice collection yourself...
    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Perfect colours! An i LOVE those hats! Great inspiration.

  3. The blues are particularly lovely.

  4. Gorgeous! These shades are positively smashing.

  5. this is a fantastic post, though i have many books on 1930s fashion they are rarely in color!

    and to Natty, if you want hats to come back into fashion, start wearing them! the more we wear them, the more they'll be worn! ;)

  6. This is amazing, thank you so much for posting this! 38 and 39 are a couple of my favorite years too. Have you seen Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day? Such great pre-war fashions, especially the lingerie fashion show!


  7. This is one of my FAVORITE blogs ever. I'm saving the link, and I'm keeping those color schemes on hand for inspiration. Wonderful research, and beautiful examples. Thank you - tweeted it's wonderfulness to the crowd.
    (P.S. '39 is my favorite year also.)


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