Friday, January 27, 2012

In an Art Deco Mood

What with watching The Artist, hanging out at the Hoover Building and working on my entry for the Spoonflower Art Deco themed weekly contest, I'm in a very Deco mood this week. I've just spent a happy hour or so browsing the web for Art Deco inspiration, and I thought I'd share a few favourites with you. For loads more, check out the flickr groups Jazz Age in Print and Flapper Art.

Deco bridge tally (source)

Love the geometric prints on their clothes, and her rolled stocking tops! (source)

1920s "The Dance" magazine (source)

Check out those pompom shoes! (source)

"Metropolis" movie poster, 1927 (source)

Tennis bridge tally, 1920s (source)

1930s Blaupunkt Radio advertising poster (source)

Brighton travel poster, 1920s (source)

Deco Chicago poster stamp (source)

Royal Mail Line travel poster (source)

1920s greetings card (source)

Vanity Fair magazine, 1927 (source)


  1. I am IN LOVE with that Brighton print!!!! *goes off to trawl internet*

  2. I have such a weakness for art deco. I once got carried away photographing a cinema and stepped back into the road without thinking. Thankfully it was a quiet side road and the only traffic was a man on a bicycle.

  3. I want the coat in the pom pom shoes image :)

  4. I've got a pair of 40s ankle strap sandals which are currently unwearable but the addition of a giant pompom will cover up all the
    problems. Great! XX

  5. What did you think of "The Artist"? I saw it back in November in France and since then have been absolutely obsessed with it. I can't wait for the DVD to be released. Truly worth all the hype in my honest opinion (OK I'm French so may be slightly biased but it is a fab movie!!!)

    Lovely set of pictures. You should check out this Art Deco blog as well:

  6. Maybe it's something going around, I've found my mind wandering to all things "Art Deco" as of late as well!

  7. Hi Charlotte, nice to find you on twitter. Love your blog & your awesome fashion taste. Looking forward to reading your blog

  8. ooohhhhh I love Art Deco, think it's my favorite period. I have a thirties bob & a couple of fabulous cloche hats too. I'm completely obsessed with the Artist, I've seen it twice!! xx

  9. Didn't they just have wonderful artwork? Thanks for sharing them

  10. I just love art deco, recenlty bought (& posted about) a fab one with some beautifull illustrations in, makes me want to get my paints and canvass out! X

  11. I do love a bit of deco- especially the bright coloured designs (more so than the monochrome stuff). The peaches and greens just scream '30s' and to me, also 'seaside'- so cheering!

  12. Advertising posters really gets my attention whenever I walk down the alley, mall or by the cinema house. Those small advertising agencies knows how to blend color, imagination and persuasion on a print material.


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