Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Leopard Hat Maketh The Outfit

I fell in love with this hat by my newest sponsor Fairheads Headwear as soon as I saw it - it reminded me of the leopard tilt hat worn in the femme fatale illustration I posted way back. This outfit started with the hat. They often do.

I picked out my white and turquoise polka dot 1940s blouse, because I love turquoise with brown, but when I'd put the whole thing together it was a bit too brown/neutral - it felt like it needed more of the blue. So I went through my small collection of scarves and pulled out this - which is actually the sash I made for the dress I wore to my sister's wedding (which reminds me, I never did post my outfit in the end, did I?), and tied it in a pussy bow jabot type affair.

Do you like my bag? I've been in love with Casey's crochet purse and coveting one of my own for the longest time, but they're usually pretty pricey. I was also in need of a brown handbag since the handle on my 1940s leather purse snapped (it was very worn). And along came one that ticked all the boxes, with twisted amber lucite handles to boot.

1940s style leopard tilt hat, Fairheads Headwear; 1940s blouse, etsy; Scarf, made by me (like it's complicated!); Skirt (well-loved and now in need of repair), M&S circa 2006; Leopard print belt, ebay; Gloves, purchased at Vintage at Southbank; Handbag, etsy; Shoes, New Look; Earrings, purchased in Thailand.


  1. Turquoise and brown are a great combination. And those hats! I've been feeling for a little while that I don't own enough hats. I've seen two at Fairheads I want already.
    Thanks! xx

  2. That hat is super! Just love it with the bag combo. Amazing accessories.

  3. You look stunning!!! I am entirely coveting that hat at the moment. ;) Love that you found a cousin to my black crocheted bag too--the handles are so lovely! :D

  4. Your ensembles are simply revelations....!!!

  5. Such a cute outfit! I have two crocheted bags myself, one black and one brown (neither with lucite handles, alas), and they're so useful. And I really love the shoulder line that blouse gives you. A very well put-together outfit!

  6. lovely! you're so pretty there :D


  7. Great outfit,I love the little touches of leopard.

  8. Gorgeous outfit - absolutely stunning.


  9. Love, Love, Love this outfit! You look so sharp!


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