Monday, January 30, 2012

{Style Inspiration} John Frieda Hair Tutorials

Oops, this week's Style Inspiration Sunday comes a day late - I was away for the weekend visiting my sister and forgot to schedule the post before leaving.

A representative from John Frieda contacted me last week and asked me to take a look at their new set of hair tutorial videos on youtube. A couple have a somewhat retro inspiration, though in a very modern interpretation. Although I don't especially care for this "1950s updo" (which is neither 1950s nor, in fact, much of an updo), the techniques look like they could be applied to a more vintage looking faux bob type affair, which appeals to my current Art Deco mood.


  1. Yeah I didn't get why they called it that, it doesn't really scream 1950s does it?

  2. 1950s, huh? I think they called it that way because 50s is so en vogue right now and most people don´t know much better anyway. What I don´t like about their tutorials is the amount of products they use. You need this, and this, and that, and then you´ll need heat and then to finish it off you´ll also need this. Of course they´re just trying to sell their stuff, so they´d be stupid to say "Hey, you just need some huge rollers and setting lotion!".

  3. Lordy! Even using nothing my hair is greasy by the second day. If I put ANY product in it like that, it would look disgusting before I even left the house. Hair spray or setting lotion is all I need. And...I'm sorry but the end result looks horrible. It looks like a bird nest and not remotely like a hairstyle from ANY decade of the 20th or 21st century! Unless you've been stuck in the woods for a week.

  4. All those products and lovely pin curls and a very disappointing result. Ugly hairstyle and I wouldn't consider it an updo at all.


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