Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Art Deco Collection

When Spoonflower announced Art Deco as an upcoming theme for their weekly fabric contest, of course I had to enter a design! I was inspired by the Stehli Silks Americana collection to create a "double-layer" novelty print - that is, one that looks like a common-or-garden geometric from a distance, then reveals more detail when you look closely. I'm afraid mine isn't nearly so clever or creative as the Stehli Silks designs, but I'm nonetheless pretty proud of it. It's based on the classic Art Deco wave/scallop pattern, which I've made up of an array of flapper fans decorated in Art Deco designs. Although competition is stiff, with the number of talented designers on spoonflower, I'll love you forever if you take a moment to vote for my entry on the contest page!

I'm actually developing a collection of Art Deco fabrics - the one below was what I originally started work on as my contest entry (based on graphics from the cover of a 1920s The Dance magazine), then decided it wasn't Deco enough and created the Flapper Fans above.

And lastly a very simple Art Deco co-ordinate based on the stylised depiction of Egyptian palm leaves or lotus flowers, again arranged in scallops.

I'm playing with different colourways of each of these, and also working on another two new repros, one of Stehli Silks "April" and another of a stylised parasol design.

Once more, do take a moment to vote for Flapper Fans on Spoonflower. I know the competition is tough, but it would be super amazing just to get into the top ten!


  1. They are all stunning! I especially love the first, as the colours are scrumptious and the green of the last is delectable.


  2. They all look really great. I'll have to keep an eye out on these on Spoonflower!

  3. I looove that last one! I'd love a nice spring dress made in that!

  4. Gosh, you clever thing! I love them, wouldn't mind a dress in the first in particular, the colours are delish.

  5. Done! One more vote for you :) It is gorgeous - I love many of the designs but not all I think would make up in a garment. A scarf maybe! Yours would :)


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