Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Polka Dots and Bows

This was the first 1940s dress I bought myself, and it remains a favourite. It's comfortable and easy to wear, and I adore both the colour and print. In fact it just occurs to me that the print would make a great companion to my ballroom belles vintage repro print - it dates from the same era, too. Anyway, although you've seen it several times before I love finding new ways to wear it! Versatile clothes are the best.

Notice anything different about my hair? I had a few inches off at the weekend - a bunch of us got together at Shona's house with a travelling hairdresser for the day, before going to the launch party for Style Me Vintage (an absolutely delightful book - my review will be up later this week) in the evening. I love my hair when it's just been cut and styled professionally - she gave it a lovely bouncy, loose curl, which is why I decided to wear it loose with the headscarf rather than tying it up. (sorry about the squint - the sun was really bright as I was taking these!)

Dress, ebay; Cardigan, from a family friend's mother's estate; Swift brooch, car boot sale; Pearls, gift from mother; Polka dot scarf, purchased in India; Swiss dot tights, Lidl; Gloves, can't remember; Shoes, Marks & Spencer; Earrings (you can't really see, but they're little pink hats!), purchased in Thailand.

And also... Happy pancake day everyone! What's your favourite topping? Mine's classic traditional lemon and sugar, though very closely followed by maple syrup. PS: Mummy, please no more comments about weight gained - am on diet.


  1. Despite being there when you had your haircut I hadn't noticed how much different it looked until I saw this photo! It looks fabulous!

  2. I love that colour on you. And the dress. And the new hair.

  3. you look lovely.
    In Denmark we usually eat them (the pancakes) with sugar and jam - I don't think there have ever been any choice in Denmark where that is concerned;)

  4. I'd forgotten it was Shrove Tuesday. Love the hair, I would absolutely love to have somewhere to go to get my hair done properly, alas, our local hairdresser is one you would not wish to go within a mile of, I know, I've been there!

  5. No wonder the dress is a favourite, it's gorgeous!
    R xx

  6. Hair & dress are scrummy! But not as nice as the shameful amount of pancakes & lemon/sugar I am going to eat this evening. Ommm om nom!!

  7. SO pretty! I really love the dress print. The 40s produced the most darling novelty prints, imho. ;)

  8. You look lovely! I always feel so pretty after a hair cut. :) As for pancakes, my family is all from the New England area of the States so it's maple syrup all the way! (And not the fake kind either.) I'm also a fan of adding a bit of chai tea mix or amaretto to the pancake mix.

  9. Love your hair! I've been hoping to get mine cut soon but always put it off! Lemon and sugar sounds divine! I love anything with lemon. In the US, we have basic syrup flavors (maple, blueberry, strawberry) and and occasionally fruit and whipped cream. That's all...we are the country of boring pancakes! hehe!

  10. Here in Sweden we eat buns filled with marzipan and whipped cream on Shrove Tuesday. I knew that wasn't an international custom, but I had no idea pancakes were a 'thing'!

    1. You had me at "marzipan". Mmmmmm...

      xx Charlotte

  11. I love the 1940's style, I believe it will always be my favorite. But I can't bring myself to buying an actual 40's piece. I would be so afraid I'd damage it. I have a basset and she's always jumping on me and getting me yucky I'd be too afraid to wear it out. So I guess I'll just have to buy up some sewing patterns and make repros. :-/

  12. What luscious hair Charlotte! Really beautiful! I also love the tights! I like mine with just lemon and sugar too!


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