Monday, February 6, 2012

A Stroll in the Snow

Well although I kind of screwed up the placement of this hat (subsequent experimentation led to much better placement), a quick facebook/twitter poll voted in favour of going ahead with this snow day outfit post all the same.

It snowed steadily most of Saturday evening, laying down a carpet a few inches thick. And, rather like sunshine in summer, there's no telling when we might see it again so it's more or less a British custom to rush outside to appreciate it. We took a stroll down the nearby canal towpath, through the park and back home to cups of tea and biscuits. But I know you're not here for updates of my day's activities - you just want to see my amazing 1940s princess coat and ice skates dangle pin! Isn't it just the cutest? As you may be aware I love collecting vintage kitsch plastic brooches, and this one might be my favourite. The original leatherette 'cord' on the brooch snapped last winter, and I recently (finally) got around to replacing it.

1940s-50s ice skates dangle brooch, ebay (I think); Blouse, charity shop; Skirt, hand-me-down from a friend, re-hemmed by me; 1940s coat, ebay; 1930s-40s hat, US ebay; Gloves, can't remember; Shoes, New Look via charity shop.


  1. OOh lovely. I went up Horsenden Hill, got some snowy panoramic shots! The hill is a total Mecca for sledgers etc', it's a bit of a snowy tradition!

  2. Oh! I absolutely adore your hair! I'm growing out a pixie cut and have finally managed to get it into (very small) Victory Rolls!

    Paris of Juno Barrington Vintage

  3. What a lovely outfit!!! This brooch is really cute and I also own some of these plastic ones.
    Here in north east ofFRANCE just a little bit snow at the beginning of the week but now it's too COLD to snow... See my post :

    And don't forget my giveaway!!!

  4. You look lovely, so well put together, My red beret, red gloves and black peacoat have had a good airing over the last few days! X

  5. I envy that coat, it's so much more stylish than my winter coat!

  6. Love the hair and the hat! I've been practicing my victory rolls and have yet to achieve this look!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  7. you look so cozy and sweet! and that brooch is adorable!

  8. I love this look! Really want to try that out with my hair, you make it work so well with a hat! Stay warm!


  9. You look fabulous! I love the hat, and your hair is lovely! The little pin is perfect. I'm jealous. :D Spectacular look all the way around.

  10. Your hair looks fantastic! And that little brooch is so cute. I love skates. :)
    -Andi x

  11. I love your hat. And I'm most miffed that we haven't had snow here this winter, harrumph!

  12. I am quite behind in commenting (crazy week here! ;), but wanted to say I think this outfit is glorious! :) Funnily enough, it snowed a bit here yesterday evening (just a dusting, though it's unusual even for that since we're so close to the ocean), and all I could think was "I want to come up with something to wear today that is like what Charlotte posted on FB recently!". hehe. You're such a style inspiration! :)

    1. Oh bless your heart Casey, you've absolutely made my day!

      xx Charlotte

  13. OMG, you look amazing in this photo shoot! The colours are fabulous, and all that white snow sets it all of beautifully! Brilliant combo's.

    Princess Pin Curls

  14. love the hat. May I ask what fabric is it made of?
    I'm going to make myself a winter beret and trying ot decide on the fabric.


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