Sunday, February 5, 2012

{Style Inspiration} Colours of 1940

Just a quickie Style Inspiration Sunday before I go out to play in the snow! These are all from the Sears catalogue from Autumn/Winter 1940.


  1. The colours are truly, truly amazing! I love fashion from the 40s!

    Paris of Juno Barrington Vintage

  2. Oh I love that last one with the pink dress, yellow wall contrasting to her black outfit. That was inspirational.

    Thanks for sharing and for a lovely blog to follow!

    With love from

  3. Red and black is my current favourite combo. So classic, wintery but not dull.

  4. Amazing pictures^^
    The first one I like would be in the first picture. The red one with the stockings looks adorable. Is that a feather on her hat?
    Oh, I guess it is. It's there again in the third picture. But my favourite from that would be the green hoodie-dress. I've never seen something like this before óÒ
    And in the last picture I like the pink one - though pink is not my colour, I do like the stripes/pleats.
    What I came to realize now: They all had strange sleeves that make the shoulders look really big/wide... Weird °~°

  5. I've always wanted to recreate the plaid outfit from the first picture! So cute. :)
    -Andi x


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