Sunday, February 12, 2012

{Style Inspiration} Wallis Simpson, Style Icon

I for one am looking forward to seeing Madonna's "W.E." - entirely for what I've heard are some lovely costumes. In anticipation, I thought I'd share a few pictures of the lady herself, Wallis Simpson. However you may feel toward her personally, there's no denying she was impeccably stylish.

Love chocolate and powder blue.

Powder blue, perfectly complemented by yellow accents - and Edward's orange & yellow ensemble.

Looks like a fabulous novelty print - wonder what it says (source)

Ahh, sweetheart neckline with dress clips! And those puff sleeves...

Interesting braided (?) detailing (source)

Copen blue and deep rose.

Love the gauntlet gloves and clutch purse, too!

White and green ensemble (source)

Elegant simplicity in a tailored suit.

Rocking the houndstooth check, with interesting detailing down the front of her blouse.

Her iconic wedding dress, in powder blue.


  1. Oh, I'm so with you on this one. Always elegant, always impeccable. Although we can argue of course, that was the case because she had nothing else to do... But leaving everything else aside - Mrs Wallis Simpson definitely had style.

  2. These are great pics, very elegant. I just got some 'Wallis' sunnies from Topshop. Pics on my blog! (A night at the ballet post)X

  3. Looking forward to the movie for the costumes too! (Nothing like going to see a movie with pretty vintage style clothes! ;) ) I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of her style, only because I've felt that it's a bit severe for my taste. But one can't deny the woman did have an elegant sense of style and managed to always look chic. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. I adore this look, it wouldn't suit me at all but just to look at.

    I've heard the film isn't terribly good so am wary what with the price of cinema tickets - I might wait and check out the stills of the costumes instead- or until it comes out on DVD.

  5. She was certainly an elegant dresser! I think I shall probably save the film for a lazy afternoon on DVD!

  6. Beautiful dresses, never noticed before what she wore, until now. Thank you! xx

  7. I love her style, she had such an intuitive look and really knew how to dress. My favourite outfit is the Schiaparelli/Dali lobster dress she wore for a Vogue shoot.

  8. I have been fascinated with them for years. Still have the first book I got about them. Contains the letters they wrote each other and she to Aunt Bessie. What a life they led.


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