Thursday, March 1, 2012

1960s With Curves

The 1960s was my first love in modern vintage fashion, in my teens (after my early obsession with the Victorian-Edwardian era), but I - along with many others - struggle to fully embrace it now because the classic 60s look better suits a very different figure type to my own. But there's more to 1960s fashion than blocky Mod shifts, so there's no need to avoid the decade altogether even if you don't fit the Twiggy ideal - here are my three top tips for ways to wear 1960s when you don't suit 1960s:

1. Pinafore dresses or jumper dresses like this one are great on several counts. If you choose a low-cut neckline you can layer it over a high-necked sweater for an authentic look that doesn't smoosh your chest into a matronly monoboob effect.

2. Look slightly further back to the early sixties for inspiration. The period between poodle skirts and Mod minis is no longer the stylistic grey area it once was, since the popularity of Mad Men brought it into the fashion spotlight, and many of the fashions (mostly the carry-overs from the 1950s) perfectly suit an hourglass figure. Think knee-length pencil skirts teamed with simple blouses and sweaters; "Joan Holloway" fitted sheaths; even lampshade-skirted sundresses and party frocks (early 60s full skirts tended to be gathered rather than cut on the circle).

3. Choose a fit-and-flare silhouette rather than straight shift shapes. Princess seaming is another feature of my pinafore dress, making it semi-fitted even though it doesn't have a defined waistline. It flares slightly in an A-line shape, skimming out over the hips and de-emphasising them. An all-round winner.

Outfit details: Pinafore dress, New Look (borrowed from my sister); Sweater, charity shop; Tights, can't remember; Shoes, Marks & Spencer; Bangles, various; Scarf, purchased in India; Earrings, purchased in Thailand.

PS: I'm aware I slightly fell off the face of the blogosphere this week - bear with me and I'll do the draw for the Style Me Vintage book giveaway as soon as I can!


  1. This is a gorgeous outfit! I must admit, I adore the music from the 1960s but for clothes, the attraction lies with earlier periods.
    R xx

  2. Love the look- I have loads of pinafore dresses like this, I think they look stunning.

  3. Love that 60s look!

    My monster sized hips and I have dressed 60s (when not 70s) for many a year thanks to the wonder that is fit-n-flare! Love it. Also, I find even with a mini, wearing seperates and being clever with my top half means I can avoid the Babs Windsor Bra Accident Patented Look (if I want to avoid it that is hahaha).

    My other tip? Primark 'hold you in' leggings look just like opaques when worn with classic 60s go-go/knee high boots. Shhhh....

  4. Oh yeah! As a teenager in the 80's, the 60's look was my first vintage love affair as well. I did the authentic mod girl look as well as general 60's - I had the suede coats, hipsters, men's shirts, hush puppies and a rather fab Lambretta too... Sigh... (Oh no, have I just given my age away? Eeek!)

  5. I'm a massive fan of the early 60s style; it's a really flattering look and has a great chic-ness about it.

  6. Love seeing this different style on you :) Looks fab!

  7. Love that pinafore! Is that current? I have been looking for a pinafore for ages!

    1. Afraid not, though they often recycle styles so there may be something similar this season.

      xx Charlotte

  8. Cute dress and looks great on you! I love the 60s but sadly I'm just too 'hippy' for most of their styles (as in wide of hips rather than 70s influenced...). It means I have loads of 60s patterns that I've never used, but at least I get the pleasure of looking at them!

  9. I really love the 60's too! You look so gorgeous and it all goes so well together! XxxX

  10. This is a great post, and just along the lines of what I've been thinking lately! I do love early-60s styles- especially the mod shifts with the high collars, and especially if they've got 3/4-length sleeves- but my hips make them impossible. Or, at least, I'd have to buy one several sizes too big in the bust. Sigh, the woes of being pear-shaped... even earlier 60s stuff that has more in common with the fashion of the previous decade still tends to be pretty narrow in the hips, I find.

    *check out my fledgling blog!*


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