Thursday, March 8, 2012

Black and White and Pink and Polka Dots

Yes I've been a neglectful blogger the last couple of weeks - every so often I seem to get "blogger burnout" and have to take a little break. I haven't forgotten about the Style Me Vintage book giveaway, don't worry. Meanwhile, here's another outfit post to keep you entertained. I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring so I can get out my Spring Blossom dress. It's still really too cold for it, but a sunshiney morning (unfortunately the sky had clouded over by the time I got around to taking pictures) prompted me to pull it out.

I needed a cardigan, and settled on this one. It's not even slightly authentic, but polka dots say "vintage" to pretty much everyone, so that counts, right? The rest of the outfit sort of came together from there. I decided to add a hat and as I cast about for a suitable one my gaze landed on this cute little 50s number, a miniature bonnet style adorned with a black polka dot rose. I hardly ever wear it, but it seemed just the ticket. I finally mastered the 40s back roll (with a cheapy bun donut thing from Primark, chopped and opened out into a sausage) to go with it. 50s hat with 40s hair? Why not?

The necklace happened just because I wanted to avoid looking too prissy / Princess Anne (which is a particular hazard when I wear my hair like this) - I tried pearls first but it started to look too "classic", so I threw on a string of bright plastic beads (knotted, flapper-style), and added an armful of bangles for good measure.

So in short, I guess I ended up with another of my "mash-up" outfits - neither truly vintage nor modern, with inspiration drawn from through the decades, resulting in a whole which eludes definition. Sometimes that's the most fun.

Dress, made by me from a 1940s pattern and vintage fabric; Cardigan, Laura Ashley via charity shop; Plastic & bakelite bangles, various; Necklace, charity shop; Shoes, Marks & Spencer; 1950s hat, ebay; Leather belt, charity shop; Record clutch bag, made by me - similar in my shop; Bird brooch (you can hardly see it, but it's there), car boot sale; Earrings (again you can't really see, but they're in the shape of little black hats!), purchased in Thailand.


  1. A lovely mash up!! I was only thinking just last night that if I did that 40s roll at the back I could wear more 50s hats, it is just easier for us long hair girls. Roll on more summer, looking forward to getting the summer frocks out

  2. I'm afraid I'm one of those irritating people who say "I wish I could..." - in my case it's down to laziness as much as lack of confidence. My sewing skills are also still in the "dangerous to know" stage but noting that you made this beautiful dress yourself has contributed further to desire to get off my rear end and stop knitting socks (not a euphemism). I even have a pattern from a magazine that would do to start with. All I need is the fabric, some space and time, a bit of oomph and an ambulance on call...

    In short - lovely outfit, lovely dress, your photos and writing are spiffing, congratulations, thank you and please keep it up!

  3. Lovely outfit, and such a gorgous dress!!! X

  4. Love the hat! Who cares if it's a 50s hat over 40s hair. I'm sure there were ladies back then who did that sort of thing. I personally love mixing and matching 40s and 50s. You look fabulous!

  5. Mash up outfits are the best! Your hair looks gorgeous, it's a technique I hope to master myself eventually.
    Best wishes.
    R xx

  6. Your outfit is fantastic!! And the hat, Ohhhh the hat!

  7. I love the hat and the hair. You can't beat a bun roll. When I had longer hair most updos were supported by Primarni foam bun-rolls or even (clean) socks with the toe cut out, rolled up!

  8. I know what you mean about the burnout. Additionally, sometimes I have nothing happening and I get frustrated then. Or I have the opposite, TOO much happening! Anyhow, blogging rant aside...LOVE the outfit! Especially the hat! So amazing!

  9. You look fab!

    The mash up look is pretty much what I end up doing all the time, 50s skirts, 50s fringe but with 40s curls and probably 40s tops and shoes. Adds to all the fun.

    I too found those Primark bun rings....I bought one to chop up but then liked the whole bun thing (not that I'd probably ever wear a bun) so I had to buy another. LOL!

  10. You look fab! You are so clever to be able to make your own dresses- am very jealous! I also love the 'mash up' look- it's one of my favourites too! Vintage to me is about a embracing the spirit of bygone days as opposed to being a slave to authenticity! Go girl, you rock this look! x

  11. You look divine,and it's highly original to mix it all up!


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