Thursday, April 26, 2012

Neapolitan Ice Cream

I took these pictures nearly two weeks ago. This year's April weather has truly lived up to its reputation - it has been wild. Temperatures can fluctuate like ten degress from one day to the next; even within hours we can have bright, bright sunshine suddenly giving way to absolutely torrential downpours, before clearing up to sunshine once again. We've even had the odd hailstorm! The rest of the world always makes fun of the English for talking about the weather all the time, but this is why we do! Of course, it makes choosing an outfit in the morning an impossible task - I nearly left the house in sandals one day last week it was so sunny, only to be caught in a monsoon mid afternoon. But anyway, the day I took these I was feeling very springly and easterful. Yes, those are words.

I love chocolate brown, especially as an accent colour. Something that's been on my wishlist for a while is a 40s rich brown fur capelet (specific much?) because it would complete my chocolate accessory set. I'd been stalking ebay and etsy but never turned up anything affordable, until I recently came across this one in a Traid charity shop. It's not in super amazing condition, but it is exactly what I'd pictured, and a very reasonable price. It's perfect for the spring weather, when it's sunny but with a slight chill to the air.

For its first outing I wore it with my spring blossom dress (I know I only recently posted an outfit featuring this dress, but I love exploring new ways to wear the same garments and I thought you might enjoy seeing that!) and a 1940s pink and brown ostrich feather tilt topper borrowed from my mother. Pink and chocolate has long been a favourite colour combination - and with the ivory accents in the dress fabric I feel like Neapolitan ice cream!

I wore my hair once again in the 1940s back roll - it's such a useful style for wearing with hats.

Dress, made by me from vintage fabric & 1940s pattern; 1940s hat, borrowed from mama; 1940s fur capelet (for my views on vintage fur, see here), charity shop; Shoes, New Look; Gloves, vintage fair; Handbag (1940s?), can't remember.


  1. This is a gorgeous outfit! The capelet completes the look. I know what you mean about the weather, talk about April Showers eh? :)
    R xx

  2. Very beautiful! I love the dreamy-ness of these pics!

  3. Love the gloves in particular. I'm looking out of the window at the moment at a lovely big pink cherry tree and hoping it lasts a bit longer, it's rather windy today and soooo cold!

  4. Munching ice cream in a cone as I read this and yes, it very neopolitanish! Lovely :)

  5. That pink and brown scheme suits you delightfully!

    Don't get me started on the weather. I was wearing a maxi the other day, I thought I was going to take off in the wind!! Nature v vintage clothing hahaha!

  6. I love pink & brown together :)

    It's nice to see the sun - I hardly remember what it looks like!!

  7. Looks fabulous! I can't believe you found the shoes at New Look, fantastic! I love your mum's hat, so light and elegant! Brown is great isn't it, it's a warm colour and it goes with pretty much anything!

  8. Ooh, I just love this combination of colors! It looks so spring-y and fresh. I hear you on the wild April weather, we're getting it too.

  9. I LOVE this look! My grandmother and great-aunt just gave me a mink caplet, too - it belonged to my great-great-aunt, for whom I'm named. It's a lighter fur than yours, but I love how it looks with the pink. Adorable outfit!

    Count me in as an honorary Brit, too. I'm always talking about the weather! Either because it's always changing, or because it's just SO cold/wet/hot. Tuesday we started out at 52F and ended up at 88F. So I left in the morning in tights and a sweater, and then just about melted in the afternoon!

  10. What a sweet, sophisticated, thoroughly appealing colour palette. You look completely gorgeous, my dear!

    ♥ Jessica


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