Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Personal Matter: Toothpaste

Following up from my underarm freshness post and continuing my "unglamorous ads" series, I bring you a brief history of toothpaste advertising!

Jewsbury & Brown's Oriental Tooth Powder, 1913

Maclean's, 1938

Phillips, 1942

Solidox, 1943

Pepsodent, 1945

Kolynos, 1947

After the war Kolynos reverted to their pre-war "spotlight on charm" advertising theme, but during the war they replaced this slogan with "spotlight on service", featuring women in war work - I'll share those ads in a separate post.

Gibbs, 1948

I imagine this was part of a series, but only this one example crops up in my magazine collection.

Odol, 1948

Pepsodent, 1948

Colgate, 1949

Colgate, 1950

Pepsodent, 1951

Pepsodent, 1952

Colgate, 1952

I think this one's hilarious!


  1. What a great look back at a daily staple in everyone's life. When I think about vintage toothpaste, the first that usually springs to mind is that scene in Grease when Jan sings the "Brusha, Brusha, Brusha" jingle for Ipana.

    Wishing you a serenely lovely Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. "Acid fur" is cracking me up here! And who on God's green earth would honestly want to brush their teeth with Milk of Magnesia? Hey, I can brush my teeth and get my laxative in at the same time! Awesome!

    Joanne :-)

  3. I remember Gibbs Dentifrice, it was horrible, it frothed up a bit in the tin and looked like pale blood, yuk!

  4. Baking soda shares many of the chemical properties (ahem) of milk of magnesia (worth knowing if you ever have an upset digestion). Perhaps it's a forerunner of the Arm & hammer thing?

    My nan used salt. Yeauch, but hygeinic and abrasive so I guess it would work!


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