Sunday, May 20, 2012

{Style Inspiration} Early 40s Lingerie

This week's Sunday inspiration is all about underthings! I'll take one of each, please.


  1. 40's sleepwear is probably one of my favourite things ever!
    The pajamas are just so darling - so far away from pajamas today!!

  2. Ahh so lovely! I particularly like everything in the 2nd picture, so stylish.

  3. Hmm, what I notice is how LITTLE has changed in the way of slips and 'pretty' PJs and how classic these designs look. I have some nighties and Pjs (from Debenhams and La Senza) with a distinct nod to these styles- I would say less has changed here than in day wear for sure. Just because fleecy kiddy PJs exist for grown women, doesn't mean classic silky bits aren't sold any more, which is a great choice for those of us who like luxury at home but perhaps comfort on a camping or hostelling trip!

    The big difference I see is the impact of central heating- those dressing gowns look like coats, and with hoods! A very elegant 'hoodie' to wear on the sofa as it rains outside! But of course, that would be required before you could push up the temperature at the flick of a switch. Mind you, with the weather what it is at the moment, the hooded one looks very tempting.

  4. I love cami knickers, but even if I happen across modern designs along those lines they are always so small in the bust. As for modern French knickers, they aren't, not even remotely, always far too skimp, harrumph!

  5. 40s lingerie is the best! :) I adore the 40s cotton house dress I made a couple years ago, and a 40s velvet dressing gown I bought last year (the height of elegance--I only wear it occasionally since I'm afraid of ruining it!). I really need to remake my camiknickers I made last year, and take a few style tips from the 40s!

  6. Gorgeous. I don't suppose you know where to access vintage patterns for the camiknickers or french knickers? Modern remakes in ghastly polys with shoddy stitching are not quite the same, plus I am trying to make more of my own wardrobe.


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