Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vintage Fair at Old Spitalfields Market

On Saturday I took myself off to the vintage fair at Old Spitalfields market. Mostly it's good for a browse, since I'm on spending lockdown, so was unable to indulge in the lovely pretty frocks on sale. Not that it was too hard to resist, since there are very few truly unmissable bargains at these events: Half-decent 50s dresses range from about £45-£150 (most seem to be around the £50-60 mark, though I did see one or two on sale rails for under £30), belying the "affordable" tag. But I spent an enjoyable time wandering the stalls and browsing the amazing vintage homewares.

As I mentioned yesterday, I wore my newly-completed Little Rock Dress (though it remained mostly hidden under my overcoat) with sparkly shoes and a feather half-hat, and I'm pleased to say I got several compliments on my look. I posed for Irene, a photography student; I was filmed talking about my outfit for some Jubilee related vox pop video thing for the Mayor of London's website (hope I don't sound like a complete knob - I don't generally come off well on film!); and I was also photographed with some of my purchases by Homes & Antiques magazine.

This stall was also photographed by Homes & Antiques magazine, so you'll probably see it in the August issue.

Well I say lockdown, but I couldn't resist indulging in a few little bargain bits and pieces - a couple of pairs of gloves (fulfilling a wishlist item of turquoise gloves), a polka dot 50s pillbox hat (another - somewhat random - wishlist item), and a Pyrex dish - I couldn't not buy it, it matches the one I thrifted almost exactly two years ago, but in a slightly smaller size. Vintage Pyrex rocks.


  1. I'm eyeing up the old books, I have an awful weakness for them, unfortunately there is nothing whatsoever like this where I live or anywhere even remotely near. Probably just as well or I'd be in hock!

    I buy the magazine so I'll probably see you later, so to speak.

  2. What charming finds, it sounds like you had a delightful day! There are certain hues of gloves that I'm perpetually on the hunt for, too, so I can completely understand how delighted you must have been to find a turquoise pair.

    Wishing you a terrific Tuesday,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. It's always random to see things I have on an antiques shelf -those old tennis raquets are in our shed... My dad just never got rid of his. My parents are ridiculous hoarders so their house is full of stuff like that. Like LollyWillowes it is the old books I would be looking at! Especially with those colourful spines.

  4. Sounds a lovely day. I'm the same at vintage fairs- I usually buy 'bits'. Mainly because I'm sooo stingy that I am the one scouring boot sales at 5.30am, EBay and knowing when chazza shops get their drops...I shop like I'm gonna sell it! Even though I just keep it.

    But I do like a more civilised fair, particularly for nice bags and brooches.

  5. Will you be at the Brighton Racecourse Vintage day in June?

    The cost of vintage clothes is very high and I can never find the pretty 50s dresses everyone else seems able to find!!

  6. Oh that coat you have on!!! I love it!

  7. You look amazing! No wonder they all wanted you to pose for them! Sucks you had to hide the dress under yourr coat though...still waiting for the summer to begin, stupid never ending rain!



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