Friday, June 1, 2012

Good Day Sunshine

I never wear trousers. I never wear anything not fitted at the waist. And I never wear high, round necklines.

Rules are made to be broken.

The trousers (you may remember them from last year) are not quite high waisted enough to pass for vintage, which is why I need to wear something long over the top. Out came this tunic. I'd worn it in June last year but figured it didn't really suit me, so it went into the to-sell pile (I wanted to repro the fabric first, which is why it hasn't gone anywhere yet). Anyway, I put it on and ended up rather liking the look! I still don't know if I should keep it - I can't really see myself getting the wear out of it to warrant it a place in my wardrobe, so it might go back into the selling pile (once I've repro'd the fabric, of course).

I fancied myself as Brigitte Bardot, chanelling carefree Riviera 60s chic. No? Maybe not.

I styled my hair to go with the sixties vibe (I've got a real hair - my hair - rat/hairpiece which I use to boost the beehive). The new length works great for that early 60s flick, too.

Ooh, and I also got a new shade of lipstick! It looks quite red in the pictures, but it's a bright hot pink and I love it. It was £1 from Superdrug's MUA range - when I decided I wanted to try a pink lipstick I didn't want to splash out on expensive lipsticks just to experiment with different colours. For £1 it's really not a bad quality lipstick, either.

Sunglasses, ebay; 1960s tunic, ebay; Trousers, H&M last year; Handbag, etsy; Polka dot shoes, available in my shop.

La Bardot in capris and loose-fitting Middy sailor top. Yeah, she works it better.


  1. I think you look great.
    It's all about feeling comfortable with it yourself, though, at the end of the day. Someone who is aware of what they are wearing, pulling and twiddling with bits of clothing all the time is not going to be happy in whatever the outfit is.

  2. The trousers suit you very well. The shoes are gorgeous.

  3. You are proof that we should all sometimes challenge our ideas of what suits us and what doesn´t. You look amazing and I´m super inspired to dig around in my closet!

  4. It's so fun to try new things! I think you look lovely. Perhaps you should try trousers more often!

  5. Looking good! Those cigarette pants are so Marilyn!

  6. All three of your rules are also rules of mine, pretty much. And how awesome you look in this outfit is making me reconsider them!

  7. Rules are made to be broken, and you do it so well! :)

  8. Love it, you look fabulous. This is one of my fave looks on you, you rock the 60s Riviera thing so well xx

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  9. The blend of patterns here is just marvelous! Love that you broke a few rules to bring us this fun, delightful look.

    Wishing you a stellar weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Love the trews! You appear to be able to make anything work really rather well. xXx


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