Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Landgirl Chic

This is an outfit post I've been planning for a while - I've been sporting variations on this look quite often recently - and the sun finally came out long enough to actually snap some pics (one might almost think it was summer...).

Can I talk about my lipstick for a moment? It's another one from Superdrug's MUA range (same as the bright pink I wore recently) and it was a pound. £1. One hundred English pennies. And it's great! I mean, obviously it doesn't compare with my Chanel, but it's pretty darn awesome for a quid: It's nice and creamy, goes on smoothly, and has reasonable staying power. It's perhaps a touch more drying than my expensive brand, but nothing a little vaseline can't take care of. And did I mention, it's a quid.

I'm enjoying having different colour options with my lipsticks - I've stuck faithfully to my bright red Chanel for a really long time, and it was time to branch out. I bought these two (this and the hot pink) cheapo lipsticks because I wanted to experiment with new colours to see how I got on with them before splashing out on a pricey version, but I can see I'm going to have to start saving up.

I love that this slightly darker red colour goes with my maroon headscarf, and complements the orangey-coral necklace much better than a true red.

It's kind of hard to see in the pics, but this is actually a playsuit, not a dress. It caught my eye when I was charity shopping a couple of months ago. I initially thought I'd sell it, but when I tried it on it was comfortable and a nice fit, and despite being modern-ish (no later than early 90s judging by the huge shoulder pads - which I removed) I thought it had a certain Landgirl-esque charm.

I've also been wearing headscarves a lot recently - my new haircut is too short to tie in a ponytail, so I quite often sweep it up into a headscarf to keep it off my neck for the gym or doing housework (what? I do housework!).

Playsuit, charity shop; Headscarf, car boot sale; Lucite brooch, ebay; Bakelite bangles, various; Necklace, found in the attic; Shoes, purchased in Thailand; Handbag, can't remember (car boot sale maybe?).


  1. I like MUA for a 'different' lippy colour, as you say, low cost and looks fab. Love those colours on you too!

  2. Hmm.. For just a quid I think I'll have to search out that brand! I love the headscarf, I'm trying to work myself up to wearing things like that out in public haha!

  3. You look absolutely darling! Love this summery landgirl inspired look, it suits you wonderfully.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I love it :) And the play suit! I like the fact that it is longer in the leg - all the ones I have found of late have been waaaaay above the knee. I guess I shall have to start looking for a pattern and make my own!

    Unfortunately for my purse, MUA lippies are rubbish on my lips - they just go everywhere despite blotting and lip-liner. My daily staple is Boots Natural Collection for a whole 99 pence more :)

  5. The lipstick are a hit!
    The playsuit looks lovely- I recently found one from a high street brand's 'Tall' range which helped with the length issues (I'm not tall!)
    Love the headscarf look xXx

  6. Really like this outfit, and the play suit is really cute! I like the print. I've been trying to branch out a bit too with lipstick, bringing a coral into my arsenal. I still do prefer my reds, but it's fun especially in summer to try a few new things.

  7. What an adorable look. Great find on the playsuit.

  8. How beautiful!I always feel that you create a work of art with your outfits!

  9. I thought it was a dress! Rather fun, love the colour and the pattern. Purples and greens are my favourites but I'm also very fond of browns and dark reds, anything rich in shade.

  10. Love love loce this outfit!! The dress is gorgeous, and the headscarf really suits :) me like lots!

    Was lovely to meet you the other day at Vintage Nation, sorry for being a little shy at first, it's just funny meeting someone in the flesh when you've only ever seen them on a screen! heh. And the mister was right, that dress was amazing, cannot believe you made that yourself.

    Hope the shop is doing well!


  11. I saw a vintage pattern for sale on ebay that looked like that dress. Its exactly how I want my playsuit to look...when I get enough skills to draft one (I just can't find the right modern pattern - I don't do 'pin up' playsuits).


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