Sunday, June 24, 2012

{Style Inspiration} Pin Up Girl (1944)

My favourite vintage fashion film lately is "Pin Up Girl" starring Betty Grable. Just last week it inspired me to design a fabric, but I thought I'd share some more of my favourite outfits from the film for Sunday Style Inspiration.

The movie opens with Lorrie (Betty Grable) working in a canteen where all the waitresses wear super frilly aprons embroidered with cherries and trimmed with ric-rac, and cherry hairpieces.

She and her friend Kay catch the night train - cue adorable yellow all-in-one pyjama jumpsuit! I love the piping detail around the shaped neckline and sleeves.

Arriving in New York, the girls are dressed in super smart travel outfits - check out all that unusual detailing! I also love both girls' hats.

I'm a fan of the chocolate and powder blue colour scheme which was popular in the 40s, as worn by Martha Raye as Molly.

You think 80s shoulders were big? They really had nothing on mid-forties shoulders! Kays slate grey and red gingham outfit is another of my very favourites from the film. Lorrie's swish white swing coat covers a lacey cocktail dress.

A reminder of the amazing chartreuse outfit - more screenshots on my post about the apple fabric. Kay's chocolate brown dress with its scalloped button placket is also lovely, with its gathered shoulder yokes. The skirt has inverted pleats, but I couldn't get a good screengrab to show it.

Two marvellous green and black outfits. First, Molly in a stylish black moire taffeta jacket accented with green blouse, gloves and box purse - not to mention the huge hat with polka dot veil. Second, a dancer sports a green fishtail pleated green skirt with a black-and-white harlequin print jacket.

And now the third of my top three favourite outfits - the red suit. The whole matching set of jacket, blouse, clutch purse and hat all features zig-zag trim detailing in red and white candy stripe. Love!


  1. I just adore the yellow apple outfit! I need something similar in my wardrobe ASAP! X

  2. The last one (the red with the zig-zag trim is drop dead gorgeous, but I also like the chocolate and powder blue outfit^^

  3. It's been too long since I've watched this movie! I need to though--it's got so much eye candy. :D hehe.

    Oh, and those cherry-bow hairpieces in the first set of captures--I might just have to make one for myself! I have some faux cherries and I think I've got some suitable ribbon... :D

    Thanks for sharing these!

  4. Oh my goodness, I'd forgotten about that pyjama jumpsuit, I remember squealing at the screen when I first saw this film last year. Will have to go and dig out my copy and watch it again very soon!! My only disappointment is the ending - don't you find it just falls a little flat? Like a song that fades out.

    Miss P xx

  5. This is one of my absolute favourite films for fashion inspiration - both the clothing and hairstyles are amazing!

  6. Now THAT's some fabulous forties fashion!!!

  7. I've not seen this film, love the pic with the veiled hat, and the red and white dress, but I've never been a big shoulders fan. What I like about old films, photos, paintings etc is that what we are seeing is how it was. Not someone else's take on it but the real thing. That bit of history grasped forever.

  8. Such beautiful fashion! Love the red suit and the yellow pyjamas!

  9. Oh that red suit- that is just something! Love it!

  10. Love these awesome mid-40s looks so very, very much. There's a year's worth of sartorial inspiration to be had in this stellar film alone! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  11. What gorgeous costumes! I always love to see fine quality movie stills from old films, and these are just superb.

    The outfits are all gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing!


  12. Oh we could do with some more stars like Betty Grable these days! I am particularly in love with the pyjama jumpsuit and the red suit - how gorgeous!

  13. I'm not sure how I've missed this film, but I need to put it on my list, stat! I loved seeing the apples outfit in your previous post but there are so many other wonderful ones you've shown. I'm really fond of the Kay's gingham and gray outfit in particular, that is just perfection!

  14. Seeing these pictures just answers the question of why I love vintage... it is pretty! LOL! Seriously, people looked nice on a regular basis, and it showed a respect for themselves and others that (IMHO) is sadly lacking today. Maybe the regular housewife wasn't all frilly everyday, but she looked far more presentable than the usual attire I see today, some of which makes me blush. I truly feel we have lost something....

  15. I watched this film last night (on your recommendation!) and thought it was great. Aesthetically, at least - the ending left a little something to be desired... My favourite has to be the dancer in the harlequin jacket and green skirt, actually. Delicious!


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