Monday, July 9, 2012

The Chap Olympiad 2012

This Saturday I joined vintage pals including Retro Chick, Perdita, Landgirl 1980, Matt, Penny Dreadful and Queens of Vintage editor Lena (and many more - it was like a who's who of the UK vintage scene!) at the world (ahem) famous Chap Olympiad event.

The weather was predictably British, resulting in some, er, "eclectic" fashion choices. I wore a 1950s sundress and sandals, with a vintage wool cape. The super Hanson Leatherby snapped tartan twins Lena and me in our capes / wearable picnic blankets.

The gang's all here...

There were stylish types and major dress envy aplenty...

And we (sort of) met Tony Robinson. Charly was the only one with anything intelligent to say to him - I figured he wouldn't thank me for mumbling something about Baldrick or Time Team so I left her to it!

Pics courtesy of Penny Dreadful Vintage and Hanson Leatherby.


  1. If only it didn't take so very long (and cost so much!) to hop over the pond, as goodness knows how much I would love to attend a Chap event such as this. You all look marvelously stylish and perfectly attired for the day, thank you for taking us along on this delightful day with you.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh my gosh! A British vintage blogger extravaganza! How fabulous! You all look amazing as well!


  3. Ahhh! I saw a few tweets of photos over the weekend & just wanted to let you know I thought you looked fabulous! Love your wool cape!!!

  4. One of my friend's dreams is to attend this event - It's fun to actually see pictures and hear about such a legendary event (in his eyes, at least :)

  5. What a gathering! You all look lovely :)

  6. Ha ha ha! I am convinced it was the rum that fuelled me to say ANYTHING to Mr Robinson. And the fact that I was put on the spot by the braver-than-me Margaret. I would NEVER have gone up to him on my own!

    Ahhhh - it was such a good day. I am avidly searching for a pattern of your cape. It was AMAZING.

  7. Very stylish ladies, the green in your cape picks out the colour of your eyes. I love Naomi's dress too. And that lady with the blue dress and white collar, very nice.

    I cannot ever see Tony R but I think of Baldrick!

  8. I saw your cape in some other blog shots (Penny Dreadful and Retrogirl) and I really really like it! It looks delightfully warm! I went to the Olympiad on the Sunday (quieter and wetter!) which was great fun! I saw a girl who looked very like you (but it wasn't!) who had a marvellous hat that I had definite hat envy over!


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