Tuesday, July 24, 2012

May Queen (in July)

For some reason I always really wanted an antique wax flower bridal tiara - I'd been idly stalking them on ebay for like a year, then eventually found one in my favourite Chichester haunt, Squirrel Antiques, some months back. I've been saving it for a sunny day, picturing myself wearing it May Queen style, all Midsummer night's dream. Well that sunny day finally arrived, so out it came! I kind of wanted to wear it with a floaty 1930s silk nightie, 1910s lace evening jacket and Edwardian boots, but then I realised I am not the Bright Young Twins and instead of looking ethereal and elfin would probably have more resembled an escaped Miss Havisham character. So I went with a 1940s day dress instead.

I actually built the hairstyle around the tiara, starting with yesterday's pincurl set. After positioning the tiara I arranged the curls at the front and pinned them loosely in place. Then I created the faux bob effect at the back by curling the ends up and pinning them in place (I think it's more usual to curl the ends under for a faux bob, but this worked fine for me).

1940s dress, Dead Man's Glory; Celluloid brooch, gift from mother; Vintage bridal tiara, Squirrel Antiques Chichester; Shoes, purchased in Thailand; Gloves, can't remember; Necklace, Topshop; 1940s handbag, etsy.

Pictures taken at Osterley Park.


  1. What a lovely outfit. It matches very well. And your hair looks beautiful, too :).

    - Jip.

  2. HA! As soon as I read the words "antique wax flower bridal tiara" the words "bright young twins" invaded my mind. I love what you did with it, it's *you* and very, very chic 40s fab. Keep it up lovely!
    Cheers from Seattle,

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit; the tiara is absolutely perfect - not too fussy but really pretty x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, and I love the dress you choose!
    D'ellis at curlsnskirls.wordpress.com

  5. And here I was thinking that I was the only person pining for a vintage or antique wax flower bridal headband (especially if it featured traditional orange blossoms). I adore that you got one and hope that I'll be able to follow your lead sometime.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. FAB. Love the band, the hair- super! I am now back in floral headband love after foolishly ignoring such things for... erm ... a month or two.

    Now I am going to dig out my wedding tiara (not antique, nor wax, just full on mad gold Miss Havisham flowers) and wear it round the garden!

  7. So lovely! Such a great area to take pictures, too.


  8. Wow, those gloves are to die for! I'm keeping my eye out for a similar pair now!



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