Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Postcards from Istanbul

Hello all! I'm back from my extended bloggy absence, and refreshed from a week in sunny Turkey (though I can't say I was glad to return to a rain-sodden Britain). Suffice to say, our holiday was amazing.

We spent the first couple of days sightseeing in Istanbul - we visited the famous Blue Mosque (which isn't blue - it gets its nickname from the blue ceramic tiles which decorate the interior), and wandered around the alleyways of the old city area.

I had hoped to make myself a new holiday outfit, but didn't get round to it so I packed a few favourites - my fruit salad sundress has been a staple all summer (or at least the sunny parts).

Aya Sophia was built in the 6th century as a Church (one of the oldest in the world), elevated to cathedral, converted to a Mosque in 1453 and became a museum in 1935.

I love street food - along with corn on the cob (boiled and barbecued) there were roast chestnuts, Turkish bagels, and fresh orange and pomegranate juice. And the ice-cream! I've never had such amazing ice cream. It contains mastic, which makes it surprisingly chewy and wonderfully velvety - it is so good.

... more to follow tomorrow!


  1. You're back!!!! Lovely photos so far!

  2. I was just wondering the other day when to expect another post from you! :) Your trip looks amazing! My husband was in Turkey years ago, and I've been dying to one day take a trip there (with him), since it sounds/looks amazing...

  3. Yay, welcome back! Look forwarding to seeing more from your vacation.

  4. What a fantastic travel destination. I was enamored with Turkey as a youngster because I had a massive crush on a Turkish classmate (fortunately nothing panned out there, as he ultimately wasn't a very nice chap at all), and though that little infatuation is long (long!) over, I still find myself longing to set foot of the streets of this ancient, inspiring land one day.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. You've seen two buildings I have always thought quite gorgeous, lucky thing!

  6. in 2011 i spent my holidays in istanbul too (in august like you). i really loved this city and i can't wait to go there again. great istanbul posts - and great holiday outits.



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