Monday, October 8, 2012

Cherry Blouse and Houndstooth Skirt

Two new sewing projects in one outfit post! After completing the WAAF blouse I posted yesterday I was so pleased with it that I dug out some more fabric from my stash - this cherry print cotton is the same as I used for the collar of my Cherry Pie dress (which is currently in the mending pile for unpicking and re-sewing as it really needs some work on the fit).

The skirt is in a mini houndstooth check wool that I bought like a year ago, and was on my sewing schedule for September, so I'm only slightly behind on this particular project. I used the same "instant" one-yard skirt pattern as for my tan plaid skirt, only I modified it slightly and gave it side seams so I could taper it a little towards the hem. Annoyingly it seems to have turned out a touch too big - I may have to unpick the waistband and take it in a little. I'll certainly make the adjustments on my new pattern for the next time I make it (and there will be a next time - I'm thinking teal next).

I always feel like it's a bit of a cop-out to wear red, black and white - it's such a traditional colour scheme that it feels almost 'safe', unadventurous, but it just works so well that it's hard to resist.

By the way this is the new style of record clutch I've been working on - it has a magnetic closure and waterproof leatherette base (I realised that one drawback of my own record bags is that the fabric base I'd done them with previously means that I had to be careful where I put it down - like on a damp wall, or on the bar in the pub).

Also, this is the blouse I was thinking of selling. It's made from a 34" bust pattern but fits up to a 36" (as demonstrated!). £35 / $56 - any takers?

Outfit details: Blouse - made by me from a 1940s pattern; Skirt, made by me from a 1950s pattern; Record clutch, made by me; Belt, charity shop; Necklace, attic (?); Earrings, made by me; Bakelite and plastic bangles, various; Shoes, Marks & Spencer.


  1. Charming ! Are you planning to sell these clutches too ?

  2. Yes indeed I am - they'll be available on my new Tuppence Ha'penny store as soon as I get some product photography done!

    xx Charlotte

  3. Ooohhh, no sooner had I just stopped swooning over yesterday's amazing blouse and post this equally, incredibly lovely new shirt. Brilliant work on both, I'll be daydreaming about a cherry blouse like this forever now.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I love your red, white and black combo! It may be tried and true but why mess with success?

  5. Looks great! The cherry print is really cute!

  6. You look so adorable.The clutch is wonderful!

  7. Such a sweet blouse! You cannot beat red, white and black. I often use it as a 'capsule' wardrobe for travel as the 3 colours just never fail together and suit almost anyone too.

  8. Fantastic job on the blouse. It is very fetching.

  9. this outfit is just amazing ...


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