Monday, October 15, 2012

Shop my closet (part 1)

So I just had my colours analysed at the weekend. Turns out I'm a blue spring - more on that later in the week. In the meantime, it's prompted a huge wardrobe clearout, so I've now got some really top vintage for sale. I'm offering blog readers the first chance to buy before I list on ebay and etsy, so let me know if there's anything you want! I'm open to offers on some items. Measurements given are actual garment measurements.

Cobalt blue 1950s pure wool party dress with bow £60 SOLD
Bust 37" / Waist 28" (just) / Length from shoulder 38"

70s-80s black wool blend peplum dress (belt not included) £30
Size on label 38 / Bust 38" / Waist 28" / Hips 40" / Length 43"

1950s Berketex bright blue plaid party dress £38 SOLD
Bust 36" / Waist 28" / Hips free / Length 38"

Black knit blouse / cardigan (acrylic) by Naughty £8 SOLD
Bust 34-38" (comfortable stretch) / Length 20"

1950s nylon novelty cactus print dress (there are pulls in the stitching at darts where someone too big for it has worn it before) £45 SOLD
Bust 40" / Waist 31" / Length 38"

Novelty print blouse by Motel £10 SOLD
Bust 38" / Length 23"

Black peasant blouse £8
Bust best fit up to 38" / Waist stretches but the elastic is quite hard so best up to 28"

1950s-60s check wiggle dress (belt not included) £35 SOLD
Bust 39" / Waist 32" / Hips 40" / Length 41"

Cherry blouse, made from a 1940s size 34" pattern with vintage buttons £35 SOLD
Bust 40" / Waist 31" / Length 21"

Austrian dirndl £50
Size on label 38 / Underbust 32" / Waist 27" / Length 46"

1970s-80s pussy bow blouse £15 SOLD
Bust 21" / Length 24"

1980s St. Michael red pussy bow dress £20 SOLD
Labelled Bust 36" Hips 38" / Bust 20" / Waist 32" (plus stretch) / Length 39"

Forgot to add, I'm happy to ship worldwide at cost price.

And there's more...


  1. hi, speaking of colors, I think you you fabulous in the cactus print dress its a keeper!

    1. I love it, and it is actually in the right colours, but it's huge for me and I can't be bothered to take it in!

      xx Charlotte

  2. My dear, you look amazing in all of them. Don't jump the gun on this, I beg you. Although it is always an excuse to buy more things!

    1. I need to make funds and space in the wardrobe for my upcoming sewing projects!

      xx Charlotte

  3. I'm not sure what that means, but you look really amazing in all the things photographed. Of course, I firmly believe that people should wear whatever clothes and colors they like best, regardless of the "right" choices.
    I wish I could have all the pretties you're getting rid of, but many of them are big-ish in the bust, & I live far far away & on a student's budget.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree that everyone should wear the colours they love - don't worry, I'm not getting rid of any favourites! It just prompted me to have a clearout of clothes I don't wear often, or don't really work for me for one reason or another.


  4. I admire you to be able to get rid of all these lovely things in your clear out, I find sorting out my wardrobe so hard as I find a new love for everything I am about to throw away, i am not a hoarder but I love all things vintage and find it hard to throw out pretty things. Buy hey, at least your are making room for my lovelies! I love that blue dress in the first picture, I would buy its just that the bust is too big for me,
    Love Lil x

  5. What incredibly lovely pieces, wow! Lucky lasses one and all who get to pick up these beautiful treasures from you.

    I've always adored the Color Me Beautiful principles (I fell in love with my mom's copy of the original 80s book as a little girl and read it until, no joke, the pages started to fall out), and utterly adored it when I got "draped" twice as a youngsters (once in Girl Guides for a fashion night, another time in my grade 10 home ec class). Back in those days I was a spring/fall, but I can also wear some of the summer hues (especially when I have blond hair). Looking forward to hearing more about your experience with getting your colours done, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Darn!! Just when all your lovely frocks come up I am also having a clear out. (Thinks... can clear and re-plen-ish, hmmmmmmmmm).

  7. Arrgh.Why do you have to have such a small waist ratio?!I am in love with the cobalt blue number but the middle would not fit*sigh*

  8. Hello Charlotte,

    Please may I have the 1950s-60s check wiggle dress (belt not included) for £35. You didn't note if you would ship to Australia (please pretty please in my best sucking up voice). I have emailed my details.

    *crossing fingers madly*

  9. Awe that cactus dress is FANTASTIC but not my size! I hope these all find lovely homes!!!!

  10. Could I buy the motel blouse please? I will email you today xx

  11. I adore that cherry blouse! Can I take it? Xo

  12. Actually I spotted some other things on your etsy so I'll wait until it goes on there, unless some other lucky bugger gets it first. Xo

    1. Juliet, I've listed the cherry blouse in my etsy store here - I've reserved it for you so please let me know if you don't want it. Thanks!



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