Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shop my closet (part 2)

Following the comments on yesterday's sales post, I feel I should point out that I haven't been pressured to purge my wardrobe or anything. Everything I'm putting up for sale - though gorgeous - is stuff that doesn't work for me for one reason or another, either it's not quite the right size, or I just don't wear it. The colour analysis thing just gave me the push that I needed to have the clearout. Besides, it makes space for clothes I'll love even more. Plus I need the cash.

1940s-50s nylon floral frock with ultra-full more-than-a-circle skirt £45 SOLD
(some issues, notably strain in the delicate fabric at the darts and side seams, and needs some stitching under the arms)
Measurements are of actual dress and would best suit someone smaller because of the delicate seams: Bust 36" / Waist 27" / Length from shoulder-hem 39"

Fairisle sweater with bunnies! (80% wool 20% nylon) £15 SOLD
Bust 32-36" (comfortable stretch) / Length 23"

Red Kew jumper (45% lambswool 40% modal 10% nylon 5% cashmere) £10 SOLD
Size on label XS / Bust 33-36" (comfortable stretch) / Length 20"

1940s homemade purple paisley swing dress with front pleat £35
(needs stitches at underarm and neckline - email for pics). Includes matching belt
Bust 34" / Waist 27" / Hips 40" / Length of skirt 27"

80s Navy blue nautical dress with padded shoulders £15 SOLD
Bust 38" / Waist 30" plus stretch / Hips 40" / Length 42"

Fairisle sweater (80% wool 20% nylon) £15
Bust 34" / Length 19"

1950s St. Michael unfitted nylon blouse £15 SOLD
Size on label 37/38 / Bust 40" (meant to be blousy fit) / Length 21.5"

French Connection fine cotton pussy bow blouse £10 SOLD
Size on label 12 / Bust 38" / Length 22"

1950s fur wrap £40 SOLD

Black and white gingham skirt (pure cotton) £12 SOLD
Waist 29" / Length 27" / Hem sweep 45"

1940s oatmeal suit with fabulous nipped-waist jacket £50 SOLD
(Skirt has a plastic zip, but the style, lining, seam finishings, label and everything else about it says 1940s)
Jacket: Bust 37" / Waist 30" / Length 20"
Skirt: Waist 26.5" / Hips 36" / Length 24" (with a 4" deep hem)

Again, I'm happy to ship worldwide at cost.


  1. I would like to buy:
    Black and white gingham skirt (pure cotton) £12

    I can pay with PayPal.
    Love your blog, although I haven't written a comment before.

    1. Super! Can you send me an email at charlotte [at] dymock [dot] com with your address and I'll send a paypal invoice with the shipping cost.


    2. I'll do in the evening. :)

    3. I think I want the white blouse too, the one you wear with the skirt. Then I just need to find me a red belt to be a complete copy of you. :)

  2. I love the dress at the top. Dammit, why is my bust so big?!

  3. I definitively must do the same thing with my closet... I must find time to take pictures and measure.... perhaps this winter...
    Love this first dress, but too small for me...

  4. I think I may need that bunny fair isle sweater!! :)

    1. Hi, if you'd like the bunny sweater send me an email - or I'll go ahead and list it on ebay :)

      xx Charlotte

  5. Splendidly pretty pieces! I really commend your reasons behind why you're parting with these items, and usually only say goodbye to pieces in my closet for the same reason, too. Fingers crossed that you get oodles of sales, hon!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Lovely items, I love that suit, the colour is gorgeous, its just a shame that my bust is not that big! I think I definitely need to do the same with my wardrobe,
    Love Lil x

  7. That 80's navy blue dress has my name all over it.

    1. Hi Allison, would you like to go ahead and buy the navy dress? I'm getting ready to list the items that haven't already sold on ebay and etsy.

      xx Charlotte


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