Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shop My Jewellery Box!

You've shopped my closet, now here's your opportunity to shop my jewellery box of some super early plastic and kitsch brooches. As ever, I'm happy to ship internationally at cost.

Ruby red moulded plastic lovebirds brooch £14 SOLD
Would look great with little rhinestone eyes. 2" high

Scottie dog racers! £5 SOLD
Just under 1 1/4" long.

Hard plastic Tyrolean hat & shoes dangle pin £12 SOLD
Alpine souvenir c1940s. Diameter of hat 1 1/8"

Apple of my eye sweetheart pin £10 SOLD
c1940s-50s. 1 3/4" high

Early plastic leaping stag brooch £14 SOLD
So very Deco, and perfect for Christmas! Minor wear to the metallic paint, as seen in picture. Ring is approx. 2" diameter

WW2 woven plastic and button brooch £8 SOLD
Very collectable! 1 3/4" overall width

Huge bright red plastic lobster brooch £10 SOLD
Very Dali-Schiaparelli! 2 5/8" long

Brass umbrella pin £2 SOLD
2 3/8" long

Early plastic translucent red and royal blue flower brooch £6
3" across

More Scottie dog racers! £5 SOLD
Just under 1 1/4" long

And again in green... £5 SOLD
Just under 1 1/4" long

Applejuice Bakelite (?) lizard brooch with crosshatch carving £25 SOLD
2 3/4" nose to tail
When I bought this on ebay the seller said it tested positive for Bakelite with Simichrome polish, but I don't have any to verify this.


  1. Ah such lovely things! What a collection! If I was in a position to buy I would have snapped up that lobster minutes ago! xx

  2. I'd like the lobster brooch, please! :)

  3. Have emailed you! I love the umbrella and one of the Scottie Dogs.

  4. Oh man, I would have adored the lobster!

  5. If this is the stuff you are giving away you must have an incredible jewellery collection. I love the little umbrella pin. Sadly can't afford to be buying myself new jewellery but I do love looking!

  6. What a lovely collection of brooches! And so fairly priced too, only if i had got here earlier!
    Love Lil x

  7. How many pretty cute brooches. The birds, lizard and lobster are my favourites. Have a wonderful autumnal weekend!

  8. So cute! I like the red birds and Victorian jet brooch ones.


  9. What immensely cute pieces! I adore vintage brooches, too, and would have snapped up a couple of these gems from you, but some other lucky folks already beat me to my favourites.

    ♥ Jessica


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